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Texans’ DeAndre Hopkins wants Oprah to play his mother in inspirational movie about her life

DeAndre Hopkins, Oprah

Houston Texans star wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins’ mom, Sabrina Greenlee, is getting a movie made about her life. Who does Hopkins think should play his mother? Oprah, of course.. TMZ caught up with Hopkins over the weekend in Beverly Hills and asked Hopkins who he wanted to play his mom in the upcoming movie.

DeAndre Hopkins first threw out Issa Rae’s name, but said that since his mom is older Oprah would actually be a perfect choice. Hopkins knows it’s not his choice though who gets the featured role and he will be excited no matter who gets cast.

The movie, being produced by Bron Studios in partnership with Good Fear and Kituufu Films, is going by the title Sabrina.

Greenlee was attacked in 2002 by a woman who, unknown to her, was also dating Greenlee’s boyfriend. The woman threw a boiling mixture of lye and bleach in her face, causing her to lose sight in her right eye and also 40 percent of the vision in her left eye.

Along with raising four children, Greenlee has also raised money to help people dealing with domestic violence. After the movie was announced Hopkins posted about how excited he was.

“I am honored to begin work on a film with Bron Studios that celebrates the life of my incredible, courageous and inspiring mother,” Hopkins wrote on social media via the Houston Chronicle. “My mom has always put everyone before herself and sacrificed things unimaginable. Now, it’s time for people to see her true value and learn that giving up is not an option.”

No matter who gets cast for the leading role, this should be a riveting documentary that will be a must watch.