With the NBA trade deadline coming up, Paul Millsap of the Brooklyn Nets is one of the names who is rumored to either be traded or bought out. He didn't get much of a chance in Brooklyn, which led to him wanting to spend the last few years of his career elsewhere.

Millsap is past his prime, but he can still be beneficial to a few contending teams because of his size. With how good some teams are inside the paint, a few teams can look at him as an extra guy to throw at a few star players in the playoffs for a few minutes each night.

Let's look at three teams that may benefit from acquiring Paul Millsap via trade or buyout.

While all of these deals may be difficult, some contending teams will overspend and will be forced to give back a big package owing to the players' salaries. Not all of these moves are likely, but competing clubs will try everything possible to improve, which might lead to some unusual deals, as we have seen in the past. In a rebuilding situation, teams will try to trade certain players for less than they are worth.

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Paul Millsap

3. Sixers

This may be an intriguing move for the Sixers to make, since they will undoubtedly need a backup center if they are to trade Andre Drummond in the James Harden deal. Philadelphia will need to be very strategic in their approach because, while playing like one of the top players in the NBA, Joel Embiid has a history of injuries, which they will need to care for. If Embiid is injured, Philadelphia will be unable to win a championship, thus they must recognize the importance of keeping him healthy, and acquiring players who can fill in for him during the regular season so that he can take nights off without fear of injury.

It will be fascinating to watch what moves the Sixers make. Many people believe James Harden will be traded to the Philadelphia 76ers for Ben Simmons. If this is the case, the Nets want to reportedly get Andre Drummond, indicating that the Sixers may be interested in acquiring another big man to fill their backup position.

The Sixers will almost certainly need to make some trades before the deadline this year, and they don't have much time. They aren't in a horrible situation with their current roster, but they aren't where they need to be. Joel Embiid has been one of the best players in the NBA, but him alone will not be enough to win a championship.

Paul Millsap isn't going to send this club over the top, but he might help them out by serving as a backup big man, especially if Andre Drummond is traded.

2. Bulls

If he is bought out, the Chicago Bulls may be a good fit for him, and there have been speculations that they are interested in getting him. He isn't the ideal fit for this team, but with their need for a big guy who can defend the rim, he may be someone they are looking at.

Chicago is one of those teams that, if they make the right decisions before the deadline, might win an NBA title. They have some areas where they are really strong, but they also have other areas where they need to improve drastically. It will be fascinating to watch what kind of movements they make, but this is one that they are allegedly interested in.

The Bulls have to realize that if they don't go out and get the forward or center they need to make it tough on other guys, they won't find any success in the playoffs. Millsap won't be the guy who fixes their rim protection issues by himself, but he is a guy with a big body and that will let them run different defensive schemes.

1. Celtics

The Celtics might be a good spot for Paul Millsap if he is bought out since there are speculations that they could trade Grant Williams to the Milwaukee Bucks. If they do decide to get another guy who can be a backup, it could make sense to bring in a guy like Millsap. Although he won't necessarily help this team win a title and every deal they do make should be someone that makes them significantly better, it is a small move that could help the Celtics out.

Boston has been playing much better basketball of late, and while he isn't going to send them over the top, they will need a backup forward / center if they decide to trade Williams, so a veteran like Millsap would make sense.