One of the biggest changes Doc Rivers has made since taking over as head coach of the Philadelphia 76ers is in regards to culture. Before his arrival, there were multiple signs of dysfunction in the locker room. Now, the Sixers are one of the most tight-knit groups in the league.

The improved culture is something that is brought up regularly. Players and coaches are always talking about how this group enjoys playing alongside one another. This togetherness was essential this season as the team was forced to deal with the Ben Simmons saga.

Following the NBA trade deadline, a new era of basketball in Philadelphia has begun. Daryl Morey's patience paid off tremendously as he was able to pull off a mega-deal with the Brooklyn Nets to acquire James Harden.

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Tuesday afternoon, Harden held his introductory press conference with Paul Millsap, Daryl Morey, Doc Rivers, and Sixers owner Josh Harris. Among the questions asked were what the former MVP has thought of the reception he has received from his new city. There are already billboards of Harden in Philly, and his jersey sold out almost instantly in the team store in the arena.

Harden is incredibly appreciative of the love Sixers fans have shown him and is excited to play in front of them.

“These fans are probably the best fans in the NBA. A lot of teams say that a lot of organizations say that, a lot of fan bases say that, but ride or die, probably the best fans in the NBA. I'm just happy they're on my side, and I'm not getting booed as the opposing team. I'm excited, just the love and atmosphere, going to that arena, it's going to be something special,” said Harden.

Later on, Millsap was also asked about his first impressions of his new team. During his NBA tenure, the 37-year-old has had the chance to play on multiple good teams. So far, the chemistry within the Sixers' locker room reminds him of some of the more successful groups he has been a part of in the past.

“The culture, just coming into practice yesterday, seeing the joy on the guy's faces, seeing how together everybody is, and seeing the energy in the building. That's what I love to be around. It's what I love to come to every day. Being on those good teams in the past, all had that same energy. With the talent, players, coaching staff, organization, mixed with that energy, it's unbelievable,” Millsap said Tuesday.

Having such a strong culture will be crucial for the Sixers moving forward as they have a tall task at hand. Following the All-Star break, there are only six weeks of regular-season action left before the start of the postseason, leaving the Sixers with little time to acclimate their new high-level talent.

Based on their comments, it's safe to assume the Sixers' new additions are more than pleased with their change of scenery.