Paul Millsap and the Brooklyn Nets are set to part ways as the trade deadline approaches. The Los Angeles Lakers, naturally, are interested in hiring the aging former All-Star as they look to climb higher in the Western Conference playoff picture. Especially with Anthony Davis' injury history, they could use the 36-year-old power forward in their lineup.

The Lakers, however, are not the only team Millsap could join. Jake Fischer of Bleacher Report writes that the Chicago Bulls have Millsap's attention, which could make it harder for Los Angeles to bring him in.

The Lakers are searching to find Kent Bazemore a new home after he opened the season as a starter. And while it's believed Paul Millsap would prefer to land in Chicago, having a connection to Bulls lead executive Arturas Karnisovas from their shared Denver days, Los Angeles has been mentioned as a suitor for Millsap should he reach the buyout market.

The Bulls offer Millsap a chance to make his first NBA Finals appearance and a chance to reunite with Arturas Karnisovas, who was an executive of the Denver Nuggets when Millsap played there. Los Angeles' circus-like season certainly makes them look less appealing.

The Lakers, per Fischer, could still land him in the buyout market. In order to get him from the Bulls first, they would have to land him in a trade. Giving him the option to pick where he wants to go may leave them out to dry.