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Tennessee Titans bring sand to practice for training element

The Tennessee Titans are trying to implement new ways to train and that has resulted in the team installing a sand pit near the practice facility for the team to train in. Titans General Manager Jon Robinson got the idea during his time with the New England Patriots and has brought it to Nashville.

Running and working out can be tough on the body, and doing the same activities in sand takes a little pressure off the body while adding resistance.

“We can take guys who are either coming back from injury and they’re rehabilitating something, something that needs a softer surface,” strength and conditioning coach Frank Piraino said via Pro Football Talk. “Or sometimes, just as we get late in the training cycle and guys have had a lot of pounding, we want to slow them down a little bit, take some of the beating off him, we can put him in there. Or even late in a guy’s career, if he’s got a whole bunch of career games, just a lot of mileage on his body, we can have him do some work in there.”

Piraino also points out how it helps with a players balance and works out the small muscles in your feet, something that is hard to do.

“And then there’s the physiological benefits to it. As the sand falls off underneath you, there’s a balance aspect to it. Your feet and your knees and your ankles learn to stabilize a little bit better. And it also works the small muscles, the minute muscles of your feet that you can’t do any other way.”

The NFL is a copycat league and it wouldn’t be a surprise to see other teams follow suit. Once one team finds an advantage other teams try to follow suit and this could be the latest NFL craze.