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Reggie Miller compares Golden State Warriors to a ‘perfect storm’

Reggie Miller

Indiana Pacers Hall of Famer Reggie Miller started the preseason with high praise for the reigning champion Golden State Warriors, lauding the coalition of talent in the roster — one they’ve managed to keep together during a very busy offseason, including adding a couple additional pieces to round out a roster that was already built to destroy.

“The Warriors — it’s almost like a perfect storm,” Miller said in a preseason conference call for TNT. “You have everything encompassed in your players, as well as your coaching staff, you’ve won two out of three championships, you’ve got two of the top 10 players in Steph and KD (Kevin Durant) and you’ve probably got four of the top 20 players including Draymond (Green) and Klay (Thompson), it’s the perfect storm.”

Golden State added Omri Casspi and Nick Young, two versatile, multi-positional players that can score and defend, and surely enough adapt to a complex, yet rewarding offense under Steve Kerr.

The Warriors ownership also was willing to fork out the money to re-sign sixth man Andre Iguodala, jumping from an initial offer of $36 million to $48 million over three years.

Prior to that, co-owners Joe Lacob and Peter Guber shelled out another $3.5 million to buy the 38th overall pick from the Chicago Bulls, selecting Oregon’s Jordan Bell with it — a move that has already started to pay dividends during the preseason.

The 6-foot-9 power forward racked up 11 points and two steals, all in the fourth quarter against the Minnesota Timberwolves, making an already sizable rout even larger.