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Steve Kerr says ‘we’re all actors in a soap opera’ when discussing Kevin Durant situation

Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr has weighed in on the Kevin Durant free-agency saga. The superstar forward recently exploded into a three-minute rant before storming out of the press conference room after facing questions of his impending decision.

“We’re all actors in a soap opera. We really are. And we have to deal with that part of it,” said Kerr. “And also understand that is a big part of the revenue stream, the intense passion and interest that fans have for who’s going where and what team is doing what. It would be nice if everyone could just pay attention to pick-and-roll coverage, but gossip is more interesting sometimes and we’re all a part of that.

“So we just accept it and deal with it the best you can and people will follow.”

Durant signed up for this media circus to surround him by following his initial one-and-one deal with the Warriors with two more in the ensuing offseasons. While it does give him the most flexibility to choose the most convenient route for his career, it also opens him up for never-ending criticism and ruthless media attention as a direct byproduct.

Making a choice of this kind does have its advantages, but also comes with its fair share of nagging questions, especially when he’s not willing to commit to a franchise, as he’s done during his last two seasons.

That hesitation has brought an onslaught of prying eyes, who watched him remain utterly silent for nine days before exploding on the local media for a wave of rumors surrounding his potential departure.