Apex Legends Global Series Championship (ALGS) is already in full swing, and Apex developers Respawn Entertainment don't want players winning with cheese strategies. To prevent this from happening, they had to step in and eliminate one of Valkyrie's most awesome features.

Respawn Live balance designer John Larson weighed in on an exploit that has been plaguing Apex Legends for a while. The exploit involves Valkyrie's tactical hover mode which allows the Legend to stay in the sky for longer. Valkyrie's hover mode only consumes 10% of her gas fuel, which lets her stay put for a long while above other players.

In a follow-up tweet, Larson related that the developers caught this issue early in development. They just didn't think players will discover the exploit and used by Apex Legends players. However, to make sure that the exploit won't be used during the ALGS, they've decided to nerf Valkyrie. “With ALGS ramping up,” Larson's tweet reads, “we figured we should remove this exception (we found Valks would often take coffee breaks above the final fight in scrims).” Larson says that the nerf on Valkyrie's jet pack will go live this Thursday.

Respawn has been doing their best balancing the game to the best of their abilities. To be fair, the game has been mostly balanced since the release of the game's Legacy Update. One exception to that is the newly introduced Bocek Bow, which many players found to be too strong. With that information, Respawn immediately nerfed the new weapon, which resulted in more balanced gameplay. With a more balanced environment in Apex Legends, the ALGS can be more competitive and fair for all players.