In this Brawl Stars Draco guide, we'll show you the best setups for the newest Legendary brawler. Draco officially released this week as part of an Early Access deal, but makes his Starr Road debut in less than a week. In this guide, we'll show you his stats, best star powers, gadgets, gears, and more. Perhaps the coolest-looking brawler in the game now, Draco also comes with some unique gameplay mechanics. Without further ado, let's take a look.

Brawl Stars Draco Guide – How To Unlock The Newest Legendary Brawler

To unlock Draco in Brawl Stars, players must unlock him for 3800 credits when he releases on June 6th. Additionally, Draco must be the selected brawler on your Starr Road Path. Furthermore, the newest legendary Brawler is also available for Early Access for $19.99. The Early Access Bundle also includes eight new pins, a player icon, 80 gems, a free Dark Knight Draco Skin, and 5000 Bling. Players also have a 2.7% chance to unlock Draco via a Legendary Starr Drop.

Brawl Stars Draco Guide -All Attack & Stats Per Level

Draco's Main Attack, Lance Stab, is a 4-tile range attack that deals more damage if Draco hits the enemy with the tip of his spear. Despite the short range, his attack reloads very quickly (1.0 sec) and can pierce through enemies. Overall, it's a great move for crowd control and low HP targets.

Draco's Super, Dragon Solo, lets Draco mount a fire-breathing dragon, that comes with its own attack and increased movement speed. Overall, the attack works similarly to Amber's main attack. Draco's Dragon spews fire the second you begin aiming. However, the stream of fire is much wider, although it does not pierce enemies. The form lasts for 10 seconds, but Draco can extend it if he recharges it during the activation (Draco also recovers 50% ammunition on activation).

Additionally, Draco has a trait that allows him to charge his Super when receiving damage. At launch, he does not possess a Hypercharge ability. However, we do know his stats at launch (subject to change).

POWER LEVELHEALTHMain Attack (Min Damage)Main Attack (Max Damage)Super Damage (Min Range)Super Damage (Max Range

Draco Star Powers, Gadgets & Gears – Which Ones Are The Best For Draco?

The newest Legendary Brawler released with two Gadgets:

  • Upper Cut – “The next Lance Stab also throws enemies in the air for a short time.”
  • Last Stand – “Draco can not fall under one health for 2 seconds.”

Additionally, Draco received two Star Powers at launch:

  • Expose – “Every 5 seconds, the next Lance Stab exposes enemies on hit. Exposed enemies take 35% increased damage for 5 seconds.”
  • Shredding – “Dragon Solo now also heals for 2750 when activated.”

Draco can also use the following gadgets at launch:

  • Speed
  • Vision
  • Health
  • Shield
  • Damage
  • Gadget Charge

Brawl Stars Draco Guide – Recommended Star Power, Gadget, & Gear Setup

For Gadgets, we prefer Draco's Last Stand Gadget, since it technically makes Draco invincible for two seconds. Throwing enemies up in the air is good for modes like Brawl Ball or Volley Brawl, but outside of those modes, there isn't many uses for it. We prefer Last Stand since it might help in those close situations. Considering Draco needs to be up close and personal, he'll need everything he can to stay alive.

For Draco's Star Powers, both are solid, but we like Expose better. Shredding only heals a quarter of Draco's HP, which is already 11,000 at Power Level 11. He really doesn't need the HP, and you can also use a healer like Poco to keep him alive. Expose benefits both you and your teammates as you deal 35% more damage for five seconds.

For Gears, we recommend using his Speed Gear on bushy maps to make Draco faster. However, on normal maps with minimal grass, his Damage Gear and Gadget Charge gear should work fine. You don't really need to give Draco a Health or Shield Gear, considering he's already tanky.

Brawl Stars – Which Modes Should You Use Draco In (And Which Modes You Shouldn't)

  • Brawl Ball
    • Draco's Tanky HP, powerful attacks, and Upper Cut Gadget make him an absolute nightmare in Brawl Ball. He can take the enemy's ball away with Upper Cut, take a ton of damage, and team wipe with his Super. Pair him with a Poco for healing, and a Primo for destroying walls, and your team should rack wins like never before. Use him with extreme confidence.
  • Gem Grab
    • Draco's HP allows him to swoop in and carry Gems with ease. Enemies will have difficulty taking him down, and he can increase his movement speed with his Super. Additionally, his Expose Star Power might help in marking the enemy gem carrier. This will make it easier for teammates to wipe out gem grabbers and re-take the lead.
  • Hot Zone
    • Draco's Tanky-ness and width of his Super Attack make him an excellent choice for Hot Zone. Pair him with a healer like Poco, and a crowd controller like EMZ, and you're looking at a strong team comp. His Last Stand Gadget might keep him alive enough to capture Hot Zone or make just enough progress to win.

Brawl Stars Draco Guide – What Modes Should I NOT Use Draco In?

  • Knockout/Bounty/Wipeout
    • Putting all these together since they work similarly. Overall, short range brawlers typically struggle in modes like these because of how the map layouts work. Even if it was Snake Prairie, I don't see a fully powered Draco doing well against a Shelly. While not a terrible choice, there are better options for these modes.
  • Duels
    • Again, same rules apply. Duels maps usually favor brawlers with long range attacks or gimmicks that make them useful in that mode. Unfortunately, Draco's skill set does not make him a suitable candidate for Duels.

Overall, that wraps up our Brawl Stars Draco guide. We wish you the best of luck in trying to earn the newest brawler. If you do get him early via Starr Drop, make sure to use him. There's no doubt in our mind that Supercell will nerf him.

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