If you’re new to Brawl Stars, you may be wondering which brawlers in the game work the best. But reading an entire tier list can also be draining, especially if you just want to see how certain brawlers perform. So to make it shorter, here’s a tier list for each brawler in the Epic category. Note that we do not include Mutations into this Tier list, considering they are only active for a limited time in mutation modifier modes.

Brawl Stars Epic Brawlers Tier List:

Note: This Brawl Stars Epic Brawler Tier List is based off Season 28.

Brawl Stars Epic Brawler Tier List – S+ Tier

EMZ – One of the best brawlers in the Epic Brawler Tier List (and in the game, regardless of which mode you play). EMZ's main attack covers a wide area that pierces through enemies. Her Bad Karma Star Power increases damage the longer enemies stay within her hair spray. She can also push away close-range brawlers with her Friendzoner gadget, giving her a window to escape. Overall, she has several tools in her arsenal to stave off close-range brawlers and control crowds.

She's insanely annoying to go up against, especially when the opponent knows what they're doing. Additionally, EMZ hasn't received a nerf since 2020. Furthermore, she's received a couple of buffs since.

And of course, EMZ now possesses an extremely powerful Hypercharge ability. Essentially, this Hypercharge pushes all of her enemies towards the outer edge of her Super's area of effect. Just to add insult to injury, EMZ then follows up with a spray attack that covers the area and deals more damage. She is without a doubt the best Epic brawler in the game.

Gale – The next most frustrating brawler to fight on this list comes in the form of Gale. Overall, Gale is dangerous as both a close and long range threat, thanks to his Star Powers. The former Chromatic Brawler will either slow you (Freezing Snow) or straight up stun you (Blustery Blow). Additionally, his Twister gadget is extremely useful for modes like Volley Brawl, Ball Brawl, or Gem Grab. He easily deserves an S+ tier ranking.

Personally, I feel Gale is easily the most annoying brawler in the game, even more so than Tick. However, it also explains why he's so good. And strangely enough, he's gotten three buffs since August 2023, with no nerfs at all. During that period, he received a slight buff to his Super which includes a slightly faster recharge rate, and more damage. Why an already toxic brawler received even more buffs is beyond us.

And if it couldn't get any worse, Supercell decided to give this man a Hypercharge. With it, Gale fires off two Supers which are wider and push enemies farther away. Galepocalypse could be right around the corner, I fear.

Bea – Although her first attack doesn't do a lot of damage, her shots are relatively easy to land due to her range and reload speed. Her second charged attack is devastating, and is usually the final nail in the coffin you need to take down your enemy. This more than compensates for her low HP. The Instant Bea-Load Star power also gives her an extra charged shot in case you miss. She's good to use in any game mode.

Bea's range and potential damage output make her one of the best of the best. She easily deserves an S+ tier ranking. In Season 25, she finally received her first balance change in some time. However, an HP Buff of only 100 does so much in dangerous situations. However, it never hurts, either.

S Tier

Stu – When Stu first came out, he broke the game. After a few balance changes and updates, he came back down to Earth. Still, he's one of the best options for Showdown (Solo & Duo). He shoots two projectiles per attack, and as long as one lands, he'll charge his super. Give him the breakthrough gadget and he'll be smashing through walls in search for his next victim.

His star powers are decent, though thankfully don't make him more powerful than he already is. Overall, we recommend Stu any time you have a challenge centered around defeating a certain number of enemies. He hasn't received a buff or nerf since 2022, keeping him atop the S tier for now.

Ash – The trash knight brawler stands as one of the best close range options in Brawl Stars. The more damage he receives, the faster and more powerful he becomes. He works especially well with a Poco or Byron who can heal him constantly throughout a game. Overall, we love Ash in several team based modes like Brawl Ball, Gem Grab, and even Hot Zone.

Additionally, Ash's Super spawns little robotic rat buddies who should provide more frustration for single projectile brawlers. He also received multiple buffs in recent updates, including higher HP, more healing from his Chill Pill Gadget, and a faster charging rage bar.

The only thing keeping Ash away from the S+ tier would be Ash's slight delay before attacking. While typically not an issue for him, it can cause Ash to lose close 1v1 situations. Additionally, most short-range brawlers, including Ash, struggle in maps with very little cover. Nevertheless, he stands among the best close-range brawlers in the game.

Grom – A thrower with incredible range and spread, Grom is not to be trifled with. His main attack splits into four bombs that deal a good amount of damage. His Super does the same thing, but it's an even bigger bomb, dealing more damage and pushes enemies away. Both of his gadgets are useful, whether it means revealing bushes or shooting launching three bombs with one ammo.

We recommend using his X-Factor Star Power, which increases main attack's damage by 30% at max range. Considering he's a thrower who won't want to get close to enemies, this is a very useful star power. Overall, while Grom received more nerfs than buffs in recent updates, his attack covers a wide area and makes him one of the best throwers. Grom received a few nerfs back in 2023, pushing him down to the S tier. However, he's only a buff or two away from being back at the top again.

Mandy – This long range brawler dethroned Piper way back, with the longest possible range in the game. Outside of her Super, which deals massive damage with infinite range, Mandy can usually just sit back and pick opponents off. Additionally, she deals the same amount of damage regardless of the distance, making her stronger in CQC. Furthermore,

Mandy can defend herself with useful gadgets, either by slowing enemies down (Carmelize) or shooting them through walls (Cookie Crumbs). We recommend her In my sights star power, which grants Mandy 20% speed to her focus, allowing her to reach farther distances faster. Interestingly, Mandy may be one of the only brawlers never to receive a nerf. Instead, she's received four total buffs since her 2022 debut.

Brawl Stars Epic Brawler Tier List – A Tier

Bo – Bo would be on top of this list if his Super Totem gadget charged supers over time. However, he's still a great brawler who does a lot of damage and has good range. His mines can quickly change the situation of any match. They can stun the enemy for two seconds if he has his Snare a Bear Star Power active. Furthermore, his Circling Eagle Star power is nice for any map like Snake Prairie where the whole map is covered in bushes.

Overall, while not as impactful as he used to be, Bo still provides a solid option across many modes. He recently received a minor damage nerf to his attack (700 –> 640), and nerf to his Super recharge rate. While no longer an S tier brawler in our eyes, Bo remains a great option for modes like Bounty, Knockout, Gem Grab, and Hot Zone.

Larry & Lawrie – During his release phase, Larry & Lawrie broke Brawl Stars. However, Supercell predictably addressed this in recent patch notes. Since he released, Larry & Lawrie received 11 total nerfs with zero buffs to their name. Among these nerfs are some pretty crazy stat reductions to health, main attack damage, super recharge rate, and more. Furthermore, some of the nerfs weaken his Star Powers and one of his Gadgets.

Nevertheless, Larry & Lawrie are still great and extremely fun to use. Larry's Super brings his brother, Lawrie, into the battlefield. At that point, most matches become 4v3s while Larry gains extra ammo with his Protocol: Assist Star Power. Furthermore, Larry and Lawrie can switch weapons with their Order: Swap gadget, making Larry much more versatile.

Lawrie feels much better than your typical bot/pet. Since he moves around, he can actually potentially dodge attacks unlike Scrappy or Penny's Cannon. While he keeps enemies at bay, Larry throws his attack safely behind walls. They work perfectly in almost every mode, with very few counters that work well against them. Despite their nerfs,

However, we can't ignore the massive amount of nerfs this dynamic duo received since they launched. Therefore, we had to take them out of S tier, and move them into the A Tier. While still amazing, L&L aren't who they used to be.

Lola – We don't often see too much about Lola, who we consider one of the most underrated brawlers in the game. She works similarly to Max, Pearl, and Pam, as her shots shoot straightforward but spread out. This allows Lola to cover a decent area of the battlefield. Additionally, Lola's Super spawns a clone, which mimics all of her movements.

Overall, Lola works extremely well in most modes, like Heist, Showdown, Knockout, Bounty, Hot zone, and more. We especially love her improvise Star Power, which grants her 30% extra damage when on her last ammo. Furthermore, she's remained relatively untouched since 2023, which means there's no reason to move her up or down this time around. Therefore, we decided to keep Lola in the A tier.

Bibi – Bibi is one of the few close range brawlers who can actually stand her own ground. She moves fast, deals a ton of damage, and her super shoots out a ranged attack that bounces around. She can heal herself with her Vitamin Booster gadget, and her star powers increase her defense or speed depending on which you choose. When her main attack is fully charged, she can send opponents flying away if she needs to make a quick escape. She's good for any mode, granted there's some walls for her to take cover in.

Over the past few seasons, Bibi received some love. Season 20 gave Bibi some more HP (200) to give her a bit more protection. Additionally, Season 21 saw her Vitamin Booster Gadget scale with her power level. She now heals 960 HP per second at level 11. Also worth noting: Bibi has received no nerfs since 2021. Overall, she remains one of the best close-range options in the game.

Furthermore, Bibi received a rather useful Hypercharge in 2024. Her new ability, Out of Bounds, lets Bibi's Super split into two after making contact with just one enemy. Aside from the stat boosts this Hypercharge provides, it also makes Bibi's Super more likely to damage, or even knock out more enemies. This new ability catapults her near the top of the A tier.

Griff – A close-range brawler with mid-long range capabilities. His Star Powers increase either his health regeneration or attack speed (we recommend the latter, “Keep the Change”). His super ability pierces through enemies and defeats almost anyone up close and personal. We recommend his Piggy Bank Gadget, so you can blow up walls and keep the mayhem going on. We recommend it for Brawl Ball or Heist if you need to reach the objective.

What keeps Griff out of the S tier is how long his attack takes to finish. When you hit opponents head on, Griff deals tons of damage. However, if you miss, you're stuck until Griff is done shooting all three waves of coins. Therefore, if you struggle to keep up with your opponent, Griff becomes almost obsolete.

However, Griff did receive a trio of buffs back in February. While small stat buffs, they help keep Griff comfortable in the A tier.

Maisie – Maisie at launch was one of the worst brawlers. For awhile, she became one of the best. Now, after a few more nerfs to her Hypercharge back in Season 24, she's balanced out around the A tier. Overall, Supercell needed only to adjust her projectile speed and a buff to one of her Supers to be useful. We especially love her Super, which damages all enemies close to her. Try using her Tremors Star Power, which slows enemies for two seconds, allowing you and your teammates a chance to score some takedowns.

Additionally, Maisie's new Hypercharge ability launches more missiles all around when using her Super. Outside of her stat buffs, the new Hypercharge adds another tool to her arsenal to wipe opponents out. Most hypercharges received tweaks back in Season 24, so it really didn't affect her placing too much this go around. She also received slight Super recharge rate buff in July, though it feels too negligible to really matter.

Brawl Stars Epic Brawler Tier List  – B Tier

Piper – A very long range brawler who recently got overshadowed by Mandy. Piper does more damage based on the distance between her and her opponent. Although Mandy needs to stand still to get longer range, she'll always deal the same amount of damage per attack. Piper isn't a lost cause though. She has two good gadgets and star powers that can give her the edge over her opponent.

Plus, she can slow and push back opponents with her Auto Aimer gadget, whereas Mandy can only slow them down. Piper can also reload faster with every attack she lands by using her Snappy Sniping Star Power. She almost made it into the A Tier with her max damage receiving a massive buff back in 2023. Overall, she remains in the B tier as a solid long-range choice.

Piper received a minor HP and main attack damage nerf in recent updates. However, these changes feels relatively negligible, as she's still fun and effective to play with. Therefore, we decided to keep her in the B tier.

Pearl – Season 20's chromatic brawler shoots multiple projectiles that spread out at a great range. However, the best way to use Pearl is to let her Heat Bar increase at least over halfway before attacking. This should increase her damage output, and also make Gadgets like Overcooked. Additionally, Pearl is a somewhat tanky brawler, with 7800 HP at Power Level 11. This means you can take more risks with her and take on those 1-v-1 scenarios.

However, Pearl's super feels like a less effective version of Maisie's Super, though it does blow up walls. Like the other attacks, Pearl's heat bar also indicates how much damage you'll do, forcing you to wait before you fire. In fact, Pearl's inability to fight right away (or with a low heat bar) affects her status on this Tier list.

We moved Pearl up above Pam a while back, though the two feel similar. Essentially, Pearl is a deadlier Pam but without the healing capabilities. That said, it's totally worth the sacrifice when Pearl's heat bar raises to the max. She's already tanky enough to take some hits, so use her with confidence if you have to fight CQC style.

Lastly, Pearl's Hypercharge received some more nerfs recently. Other nerfs to her HP and Overcooked Gagdet are also preventing her from climbing up in the ranks. But, she's still a solid choice in multiple modes.

Bonnie – Bonnie is both long and close range, but it all depends on which form you use. Her Clyde mode has good range and health, but a slow speed and reload. Her Bonnie mode does a lot of damage and reloads quickly, but has low range and low HP. Both modes have their advantages and disadvantages, which is why she's not higher on the list. That doesn't mean she isn't good, though.

She's great for Knockout and Bounty, as well as Gem Grab due to her ability to jump towards enemies and sneak attack them. Just be careful, because she's literally the definition of a glass cannon.

Earlier this year, Bonnie received two helpful buffs. Overall, Supercell increased her Super charge rate slightly, while increasing her main attack damage. Dealing more damage while gaining your super faster makes Bonnie a lot more viable in key situations. Therefore, we moved her slightly up the list. A hypercharge could easily see her become a menace to throwers in no-time.

Pam – Pam is the second best healer in the game after Poco. She's more tanky, but her attack spread is sporadic. Unless you're in your enemies face, it'll be impossible to land every shot. However, being in the enemies personal space can also work to her advantage.

Her Scrapsucker gadget takes away enemy ammo while also refilling her own. This instantly gives Pam the win in almost any 1-on-1. That being said, make sure you're not auto-aiming with the gadget activated. We imagine a Hypercharge ability would make her even nastier, though, regardless of what your setup is. However, she does possess a Mythic Gear which boosts her turret's healing capabilities.

The last time Pam received a balance change was back in October of 2023. Additionally, all the power level scaling buffed many of her abilities, keeping her up to date and ready for action. Safe to say Supercell likes where she stands. We feel the same with her in the B tier.

Berry – Season 28's newest Epic brawler is great, but you need a strong team comp to work with him. He's a thrower with a really low amount of HP, so Berry shouldn't be at the forefront of danger. Furthermore, Berry can both damage and heal, which makes him much more useful alive and out of harm's way.

Berry's Super also feels like a double-edged sword. While it deals a lot of damage and leaves a trail of melting ice cream, Berry puts himself at high risk when using it. I personally prefer to use it more as a healing tool, rather than rush into enemy territory with it.

Additionally, the newest epic brawler's Friendship is great gadget keeps him safe from close-range brawlers. We also like his Making a Mess Star Power, which increases his attack damage in unpainted areas. Essentially, this makes Berry's first attack always deal 20% extra damage.

Overall, Berry is a fairly good brawler, but his low HP and dependence on teammates keeps him somewhere in the B tier. We're curious to see how Supercell plans on updating him over the following months.

Sam – Not many short-range brawlers have it easy in Brawl Stars. Sam is sort of an exception to that rule with abilities to make him move faster and pull enemies towards him. Firstly, Sam begins each match/life with a charged Super. When he launches it, he gains a movement speed boost. Furthermore, you can use his Magnetic Field Gadget to pull enemies towards your Knuckle Busters to clobber them.

Like other short range brawlers, Sam might struggle in long range maps. However, he comes better prepared with the tools at his side. Nevertheless, if you like CQC brawlers, there's plenty of worse options outside of Sam.

Overall, Sam received a couple of buffs in recent updates. He deals more damage with his knuckle busters. Furthermore, his glove's impact charges his Super faster. While we kept in him B tier, he's no longer the worst B tier Epic Brawler.

Nani – Nani's damage and range are incredible, but her HP is extremely low. Her super allows her to use Peep, a remote-controlled bomb that increases in speed the longer it's deployed. It's a good super, but the issue with this is that it makes Nani an easy target. This means using her Tempered Steel Star Power is a must, as it gives her an 80% shield while the bomb is deployed. Nani does have good gadgets though, as she can either teleport or transmit 80% of the damage she was supposed to receive back to her opponent.

We decided to move Nani to the B Tier awhile back. She's received numerous nerfs and not a single buff since September, 2023. Since that time, her damage, HP, and super charge rate all decreased. The problem with Nani is that she's a glass cannon. So while you deal tons of damage and have a great Super, you die too quickly if not careful. That said, she still works great in long-range and cl0se-range encounters.

Brawl Stars Epic Brawler Tier List  – C Tier

Colette – Colette annoys opponents by taxing their HP or pushing them away with her Push It Star Power. Additionally, her ability to either heal or deal extra damage with her gadgets makes her more unpredictable. However, Colette's real danger comes from her Super, which deals tons of damage if players get hit both ways.

However, Colette's only issue is with actually defeating enemy brawlers. If her support isn't great, and the randoms start sucking, then she'll have a hard time carrying the team. Nevertheless, she makes a great option when you figure out a nice team comp with her.

However, Colette moved to the top of the C tier recently due to her new Hypercharge ability. While it received a few tweaks over time, it still allows her to deal more potential damage. As a brawler who focuses mostly on lowering HP, it never hurts to have a Hypercharge which can help wipe out opponents.

Belle – Belle originally used to rank way higher on these tier lists. However, the introduction of other long-range opponents like Mandy dropped her back down to Earth. While we love her attack's ability to bounce between enemies, it seems most players have become wise to that now.

Nevertheless, Belle's Super is great for taking down chunky enemies like Frank, Pam, or Hank. So while she might not be the best overall option, she definitely has her uses in various situations across several modes. We recommend using her in Knockout, when lives are precious and enemies stick together.

Furthermore, we imagine Belle's new Hypercharge should make her a bit more common to encounter. When activated, her Super ability hones in on the nearest target, increasing its accuracy. While this Hypercharge only really affects just one enemy, it at least makes Belle a bit more viable with the extra stat boosts.

Edgar – Edgar is the easiest brawler to play with. He moves fast, charges his super quickly, jumps around, and heals with each attack. However, when you reach a high trophy count with him, people know what to expect. Plus with most brawlers having a knock-back, slow, or stun mechanic, there's many ways to hold an Edgar off. He's fun to play with, but not as good as some believe. However, Edgar dominates in Showdown when it comes to farming trophies.

Edgar's Hypercharge at least improves his Super ability in almost every way. It increases his Super recharge rate after using his initial Super, while also increasing his damage, speed, and shields. Although it received a few tweaks in a previous update, it still makes Edgar a lot more intimidating. However, his Let's Fly Gadget also no longer recharges his Hypercharge.

Angelo – Overall, Angelo has some really cool mechanics that differentiates himself from the others. However, there's a few things about our new mosquito brawler that leaves much to be desired. Firstly, you need to continually aim to launch a more powerful projectile. While that's fine due to his fast movement speed, he can't auto-heal during the aiming phase. Imagine if Janet couldn't heal during her main attack's windup.

Nevertheless, Angelo does come with a few useful abilities. Firstly, he and Eve are the only two brawlers who can hover over water. Secondly, his Star Power, Empower, lets him heal whenever he drops down his Super and stays in its AoE. Additionally, his Master Fletcher gadget lets him pierce both walls and brawlers.

However, as a single projectile brawler with an attack that takes time to use, Angelo isn't quite at where he could be… yet. That said, he works pretty well in deathmatch modes like Bounty or Wipeout.

Angelo did receive a Hypercharge ability, which lets his Super follow him wherever he goes. This makes his Super much more viable, and helpful when warding off close range brawlers. Even with his new Hypercharge ability, and it's 40% increased recharge rate thanks to a recent update, Angelo still feels like he could use more.

Frank – Congratulations to Frank, who is now no longer the worst epic brawler in Brawl Stars! In fact, his new re-work actually makes him usable. After the last update, Frank's main attack delay is now a lot shorter dependent upon how much damage he's taken. If Frank is low on health, he won't take as long releasing his main attack.

Supercell did address this and lower his attack delay speed boost in the beginning of July. For a bit, we were close to catapulting Frank to the A tier, but after a brief honeymoon phase we realized this still doesn't make him amazing.

After all, the attack delay speed boost only occurs when you've taken damage. Ideally, you want to take as less damage as possible, even as a tank. Therefore, we don't consider it a great thing that Frank's best abilities come into play only when he's low on health. And now if you pair him with a healer, it might mess up Frank's rhythm because they'll have an inconsistent attack speed.

There's lots of other little ways this ability isn't as amazing as it sounds, but it's also made Frank a solid tank. While we feel there are better tanks in the game, we won't be surprised if Frank's play time dramatically increases.

Brawl Stars Epic Brawler Tier List  – D Tier

Hank – When Hank first came out, he caused a mini apocalypse in Brawl Stars before getting balanced out. While he's able to attack through walls, Hank obviously doesn't dominate like he did before. However, recent updates have made him more viable, and allow his own Supers to heal him.

Hank's name rhymes with Tank, which perfectly describes his uses. He keeps opponents distracted while you and your other teammate focus on the objective. Overall, while Hank might not be the best fighter, he serves a purpose; to intimidate your enemies. Lastly, the It's Gonna Blow Star Power increases his movement speed while charging his attack. Generally, this helps push opponents back to give your team map advantage.

Hank received a health buff recently, as it seems Supercell is still looking for the proper amount of HP to give this guy. Nevertheless, we think there are better close range and tankier options to keep opponents at bay. And with Frank's recent re-work, we felt that Hank ended up ranking as the worst Epic brawler in the game right now. Perhaps a new Hypercharge ability might change that.

That wraps it up for the Brawl Stars Epic Brawlers Tier List. Feel free to check out our other Tier lists for Rare, Super RareEpic, Mythic, and Chromatic Brawlers if you're interested.

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