All Active Locker Codes For NBA 2K Mobile

Snag legendary player cards in NBA 2K Mobile with the latest Locker Codes, including a tribute to the late Jerry West.

NBA 2K Mobile MyTeam overlay with Devin Booker, Donovan Mitchell, Jordan Poole, Shaquille O'Neal, Victor Wembanyama

NBA 2K Mobile is the exciting iOS and Android offshoot of 2K Games' beloved basketball saga. Crafted as a free-to-play model, it enables enthusiasts to design their dream basketball squadron via the mobile edition of the enduring NBA 2K's MyTeam module. In the said mode, participants collect diverse player cards, with a focus on nabbing the rare ones. They then marshal their teams to participate in stimulating matches and tournaments.

The game's success lies not just in the real-time action but also in the quest to assemble the ultimate team. And here’s where NBA 2K Mobile’s locker codes play a pivotal role.

The Significance of Locker Codes in NBA 2K Mobile

A significant feature of NBA 2K Mobile is the continued provision of locker codes. These unique codes, when active, allow players to onboard new members to their team, entirely free of cost. Such codes often spotlight exclusive player cards, making room for legendary basketball personalities such as Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, and LeBron James to be part of one’s virtual team.

Yet, there's an essential caveat. These codes, though hugely beneficial, come with a shelf-life. They remain active for only a specific duration. Hence, it's imperative for players to remain vigilant and capitalize on these codes as soon as they're released.

Current and Past Locker Codes: A Rundown

As of July 3, 2024, there are no active codes available. The last code, honoring the late Jerry West, was introduced on June 14, 2024, and expired on June 15, 2024, at 11 A.M. Pacific Time, limited to one redemption per account.




S6COVERSTARDonovan Mitchell Obsidian card and gear
THANKYOUMELOCarmelo Anthony ’05 card and two Energy Recharges
PEARLLAVINEZach Lavine card and two Energy Recharges
Hakeem Olajuwon Card
ICETRAE11Trae Young Card
BIGTICKETKevin Garnett card and two Energy Recharges
DMWILKINSDominique Wilkins card and two Energy Recharges
BACK2BACKMVPNikola Jokić All-Star Card
LUKAMAGICLuka Dončić All-Star Card
LARRYLEGENDLarry Bird card and two Energy Recharges
GALAXYPG13Paul George card and two Energy Recharges
PDMORANTJa Morant card and two Energy Recharges
TACOTUESDAYLeBron James card and two Energy Recharges
NBAISBACKAnthony Davis card and two Energy Recharges
BILLRUSSELLBill Russell card
RAYALLEN20Ray Allen Diamond card and two Energy Recharges
SKYHOOK33Kareem Abdul-Jabbar card and two Energy Recharges
MVPDROSEReceive a Derrick Rose card and two Energy Recharges
JORDAN23 Michael Jordan card and two Energy Recharges
GYROSTEPGiannis Antetokounmpo and two Energy Recharges
THEADMIRALDavid Robinson card
CAPTAINKLAYKlay Thompson card
DAMETIMEDamian Lillard card
JRUESUMMERJrue’s Summer card
SHOWTIMEMagic Johnson’s card
KPPLAYOFFSPorzingis’ theme card and two event energy chargers
ELGINBAYLORElgin Baylor’s card
CP3PHOENIXChris Paul’s card
EMERALDKLAYKlay Thompson’s card
ADFIRSTCHIPOnyx Anthony Davis card
MAMBAFOREVEROnyx Kobe Bryant card
JIMMYBUCKETSJimmy Butler card
MRTRIPLEDOUBLEOscar Robertson card
CURRYFAMEmerald Dell Curry, Ruby Stephen Curry, and Gold Seth Curry cards
AMBERYAOAmber Yao Ming’s Card and two Energy Recharges
CJHARDAWAYPink Diamond Penny Hardaway Card and two Energy Recharges
HIMMYBUTLERJimmy Butler’s Card and two Energy Recharges
KAT50PIECEKarl-Anthony Towns card and two energy recharges
PLASMABOSHChris Bosh Card and two Energy Recharges
MRBIGSHOTChauncey Billups Card and two Energy Recharges
BILLWALTONBill Walton Card
JERRYWESTJerry West Card

Steps to Redeem the NBA 2K Mobile Codes

For those new to the process or requiring a quick refresher, here's a concise guide on how to redeem these much-coveted codes:

  1. Initiate the NBA 2K Mobile application on your preferred iOS or Android gadget.
  2. On reaching the primary menu, opt for ‘The Stat Line'. Subsequently, select the button denoted by a newspaper icon.
  3. This maneuver redirects users to the news interface. In instances where an active code is in circulation, an ‘Enter code' option is prominently visible at the interface's top, adjacent to a textbox.
  4. Key in the desired code within the textbox. Concluding this, tap on the ‘Claim' button, ensuring the rewards are added to the player's collection.