If you’re new to Brawl Stars, you may be wondering which brawlers in the game work the best. But reading an entire tier list can also be draining, especially if you just want to see how certain brawlers perform. So to make it shorter, here’s our Brawl Stars Legendary Brawlers Tier List.

Brawl Stars Legendary Brawlers Tier List

The following tier list is based off of Season 28. Note that we did not factor Mutations in this list. These limited time abilities only work for a limited in modes with mutation modifiers.

Brawl Stars Legendary Tier List – S TIER

Crow – Crow is, has, and always will be literally the most toxic brawler in Brawl Stars. His attack has a nice range, and although it doesn't deal a ton of damage, it does something better. Crow's attack poisons enemies and deals damage over time, preventing them from healing while also reducing the effectiveness of enemy healers.

We love Crow's slowing Toxin Gadget, but it's been nerfed from five to two seconds after recent nerfs. However, it's still great for pursuing or scaring away enemies. We also recommend Extra Toxic, which reduces enemy damage by 15% while they are poisoned. For the cherry on top, his Enduring Toxins Gear increases his poison's damage by 30%. So you can deal more damage, slow your foes down, and reduce their damage as well. Did we mention his Super lets him jump across the map, which also damage?

Additionally, Crow possesses a Hypercharge. It isn't exactly a game changer, but the piercing knives from his Super do help on occasion, and the added stat boosts are always useful. Unless you land directly on someone, you won't wipe anyone out. However, there's a good chance you can potentially poison a whole team. This Hypercharge works particularly well in 5v5 modes.

Spike – Spike is one of two silent brawlers in the game (along with Gray). That's because lets his performance do the talking for him. His attack is a ball of spikes that breaks off into different directions, giving Spike a lot of range. But Spike becomes even more deadly with his Curveball Star Power, which lets his projectiles fly off in a curving motion. On game modes like Bounty or Knockout he won't have to go anywhere near his opponents and he can still knock them out.

Spike has a great Super as well, throwing down a zone that slows and damages enemies over time. His Sticky Spikes gear is increases its slow-down effectiveness by 30%! While you're trying to escape with your life, Spike is chasing you down, always able to reach you. We recommend his Life Plant Gadget, which provides cover and healing when it's destroyed.

Lastly, Spike is one of only a dozen or so brawlers with a Hypercharge ability right now, which increases his Super radius, speed, damage, and shield. This gives him a huge advantage over other brawlers. While it received some tweaks (mostly nerfs) in the latest patch notes, Spike still remains one of the best Legendary brawler for now.

He did receive a couple of slight damage nerfs in April, which did cause us to move the lovable cactus down a bit. Regardless, we still feel he is a solid choice for several modes.

Cordelius – Despite receiving a few nerfs in April, Cordelius still remains a top option for several team-based modes. For example, his Shadow realm can take away a potential goal-scorer in Brawl Ball, or a brawler within a Hot Zone. There's so many uses for Cordelius' Super that makes him so clutch.

For builds, we recommend both his Comboshrooms Star Power, which increases the damage of his second projectile. Additionally, his Poison Mushroom gadget silences enemies for 1 second. It usually grants players just enough time to wipe out their opponent with ease. Overall, Cordelius is a must-grab brawler right now.

Lastly, Cordelius received a new Hypercharge ability which slows enemies in the Shadow Realm. Aside from the usual stat boosts, this just makes Cordelius even more powerful. Therefore, he remains in the S tier among the best brawlers in the whole game.

Sandy  – Sandy deals good damage for a support brawler (1800 at Power Level 11). Additionally, he has many useful tools under his belt to make him even more useful as a team brawler. His gadgets can either put himself to sleep for healing (Sleep Stimulator) or put enemies to sleep (Sweet Dreams) and stun them. For his Sandstorm Super, he throws a massive camouflage barrier that lasts for 9 seconds.

In that sandstorm is where his Star Powers thrive. At level 11 can either heal teammates for 380 HP/sec (Healing Winds) or damage enemies for 216 HP/sec (Rude Sands). Both are useful and provide benefits for your teammates. Sandy also has slightly faster movement speed than most brawlers in the game. That speed makes all the difference in modes like Gem Grab.

Additionally, Sandy has his own Mythic Gear, Exhausting Storm, which decreases enemy damage in his sandstorm by 20%. And he's now one of a few brawlers to possess a Hypercharge ability, Swift Winds. This ability grants he and his teammates extra movement speed inside of his Sandstorm. Additionally, it silences enemies for half a second, which may help in close situations.

Because of these benefits, Sandy is now an S tier brawler in our opinion. It's kind of funny to see so many brawlers in the S tier, but that just shows how valuable legendary brawlers are.

Brawl Stars Legendary Tier List  – A Tier

Surge – Facing off against a Stage III or IV Surge scares the lights out of everybody, there's no denying that. His main attack damage is incredible, while his Super causes more damage with knockback. Additionally, Surge's Power Shield Gadget grants him ammo when he receives an attack. Few brawlers can survive 3-4 shots, with or without Surge's Super involved in the mix. Side note – Surge is easily one of the coolest looking brawlers in the game, with all four Stages looking fantastic.

Since December 2023, Surge has gained 500 HP in buffs, which certainly help our soda dispensing super hero stay alive. The only thing keeping Surge out of the S tier is due to how difficult it can be to reach Stage II in certain matchups. In Stage I, Surge moves slowly and has a small range of attack. That's why we recommend the Service Ice Cold Star Power, which lets you keep Stage II when you respawn.

Leon – One of the best brawlers in terms of solo play. Leon moves fast, deals a lot of damage, and has decent range to charge his super. His Super allows him to turn invisible, where he can sneak around the map and seek weaker players. His Clone Projector gadget launches a clone that's great for tricking or revealing enemies, while also serving as an escape plan.

Both of his Star Powers are great. We recommend Invisiheal, as he recharges 1360 HP/sec while invisible (Power Level 11). Since his super lasts 6 seconds (eight with Lingering Smoke Gear), it'll only take 4-5 seconds to heal him completely. You can use whatever remaining time you have to catch up to your foe or get away. However, while his Lingering Smoke Gear did get extended from 1 second to two, it still feels like a short amount of time and doesn't serve particularly better than other mythic gears.

Leon may be best in showdown, but he's also good in modes like Gem Grab if you need someone to sneak in and wipe out the gem carrier. He can then pick up the gems and get out of dodge since he has a very fast movement speed.cLastly, Leon comes with a Hypercharge ability that keeps him invisible while he attacks enemies during his Super. In all honesty, it's not that much of a game-changer, but the added stat boosts do help in a pinch.

Speaking of his Hypercharge ability, Limbo, it lets him stay invisible when attacking enemies. In all honesty, the stat boosts are the only reason you'd want to unlock this Hypercharge, since enemies will know when you're attacking them, whether you're invisible or not.

Meg – Meg received some interesting reworks in the latest update that make her different than ever before. Firstly, her mech's main attack now fires 16 projectiles instead of 8. Furthermore, Meg received some extra health as well as a faster reload time. To make up for this, Supercell decreased her range and damage, balancing it all out.

What's nice about Meg is that she technically has two lives. When you destroy her mech, she'll hop out and still partake in the action. While this form deals little damage, she's still alive and able to provide some use to her teammates. Whether it's a good pass in Brawl Ball, or standing in the Hot Zone for the final percentage points, Meg's durability makes her really useful.

All in all, these changes still make Meg more fun to use, but we don't think it's enough to rank her higher on this list. We do expect her play-rate to increase, as more people will be curious about her re-work. We could possibly expect more changes to come her way.

Brawl Stars Legendary Tier List  – B Tier

Chester – Chester is annoying. Not just the character's persona, but the brawler himself. He's just so random that you never know what to expect with him. His main attack shoots one, two, or three bells, and four bells, in that order. Most Chesters fire off their first shot to shoot 2-3-4 projectiles all at once for more damage, but his new Star Power might change that.

Supercell gave Chester a new Star power to replace his old one. It increases the damage of his first bell attack by 200%, effectively doubling its damage. Overall, Chester has good range, solid damage output, and his super doesn't take long to charge. Speaking of his Super, it can be one of five different things:

  • Candy Popper – An explosive bomb that destroys walls
  • Jawbreaker – stuns enemies
  • Salmiakki – poison gas that damages enemies over time for 7 seconds
  • Pop Rocks – Damages and slows enemies for 10 seconds while in its radius
  • Strong Mint – Heals HP for 3 seconds after a one second delay

So you never know what to expect with our trouble-causing jester. His spicy dice gadget can change his super randomly, or his candy beans gadget gives him a random buff for 5 seconds. Chester may be random, but he sure is a lot of fun to play with. He received a lot of nerfs after he first released, but Supercell has been kind to him with a couple of buffs here and there. However, we're not quite ready to send him up to the A tier… yet.

Kit – Brawl Stars' first ever legendary Support brawler feels pretty good to use in several modes. Overall, Kit's best use is when he hops on fellow brawlers for his Super, Carry Me. In this mode, he becomes a thrower, dealing more damage he did than by himself. Additionally, if used on enemies instead, Kit stops them in their tracks and pummels them long enough for backup to arrive. This works especially well in Brawl Ball if you need a last-second save.

However, a recent nerf prevents Kit from hopping on newly respawned brawlers, removing an exploit which allowed Kit to live forever. Nevertheless, he's still frightening to go up against. Kit moves really fast, which helps in any offensive or defensive situation. We personally love to use him in Gem Grab, where as a gem carrier he's difficult to catch.

Another nice thing about Kit is being able to use him in both solo and team-based modes. For solo showdown, his Power Hungry Star Power gives him 150% power and health from each cube. However, if you prefer 3v3 matches, use his Overly Attached Star Power. This lets you stay on your teammate's back longer, letting you heal and deal more damage over time.

The only thing that drags Kit down is his low HP, slight attack delay, and dependency on his Super to deal more damage. Nevertheless, he makes up for it with his shiftiness and ability to navigate quickly. With his Super constantly charging, Kit can use it to hop on brawlers, heal them, and deal monstrous damage. Additionally, it makes for a great escape maneuver in modes like Gem Grab too.

Draco – While definitely the coolest looking brawler in Brawl Stars, Draco wasn't actually as incredible as many thought he'd be. That said, he can definitely help win games in multiple ways. Firstly, he's a Tank, with 11,000 HP at Power Level 11. Additionally, his main attack can deal up to 2800 damage at Power Level 11 if he's at just the right distance. With a good reload speed, Draco can easily wipe several brawlers out with three hits, alone.

However, trying to time your Lance Stab while staying alive isn't always easy. Although Tanky, it just means all the opponents are going to focus their fire on Draco and wipe him out faster. That said, he charges his Super when receiving damage thanks to his trait. And the sooner Draco's Super charges, the more viable he becomes.

Draco's Super spawns a fire-breathing dragon, which he mounts, changing his play style completely. In this form, he recovers 50% of ammo upon startup, while receiving increased movement speed. His new attack, which spews fire, shoots out in a wide cone rather than a narrow line like Amber's attack. While great against bunched up opponents, the attack releases as soon as you aim. So use your ammo efficiently when attacking.

This form lasts for 10 seconds, and you can keep chaining it if you keep charging it. On maps with plenty of walls, Draco should thrive. However, in long range maps and modes, don't expect him to shake things up. Our newest Legendary brawler also received a nerf not long after releasing. His damage reduction from his Super decreased from 25% to 15%, making him a bit easier to take down.

Brawl Stars Legendary Tier List  – C Tier

Amber – Hear me out here. I understand the frustration of Amber mains seeing her here so low, especially with her new gear that slows enemies in her oil puddles. But Amber has a fundamental flaw that makes her difficult to pick up and play. Here's why she's currently our lowest ranked brawler in this Legendary Tier list.

Amber can't aim without firing her attack. Unless your enemy is idle or standing in front of you, it's nearly impossible to wipe them out without missing some of your flames. And when Amber is low on ammo, she's useless until it's about 75% reloaded.

Both of Amber's Star Powers revolve around her super. One lets her spawn 2 puddles (Wild Flames), whereas the other increases her reload speed by 50% (Scorchin Siphon) when standing on a puddle. But the problem is that most people are smart to her flame tactics. Just stay out of the puddle or trick her to shoot it early, and Amber is toast. Fire Starters is a nice gadget for creating a puddle to reload in or attack with, but it isn't game-breaking.

Amber got pulled out of the D tier when her mythic gear, Sticky Oil, launched. It slows all enemies in her puddles down by 10%, giving her a bit more time to land her shots accurately. Supercell actually had to nerf it to 10% because she was a bit too good when it was 20%. However, she received a slight damage nerf for her main attack and Dancing Flames Gadget recently. Overall, we think she just needs a bit more going for her to really see her thrive.

That wraps it up for the Brawl Stars Legendary Brawlers Tier List. Feel free to check out our other Tier lists for Rare, Super RareEpic, and Mythic, Brawlers if you're interested.

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