The latest Brawl Stars Brawl Talk has arrived ahead of Season 28, announcing two new Brawlers – Berry & Clancy – new and returning game modes, the return of Mega Boxes, and much more. This new season also adds a new Hypercharge skin among seven new hypercharge abilities. Furthermore, a few brawlers received some interesting re-works, as well as a change to Brock's base model. Without further ado, let's take a look at the latest Brawl Talk for June 2024.

Mega Boxes Returning To Brawl Stars Along With 3 Modes Modes, New Hypercharges & More

The latest Brawl Stars Brawl Talk for June 2024 revealed the return of Mega Boxes to the game thanks to the upcoming Classic Event. Collect 10 Mega Boxes, and you'll earn the brand new Sovereign Rico Hypercharge Skin. To earn a Mega Box in the Brawl Stars Classic event, players need to earn Star Tokens. Some methods of unlocking these tokens include:

  • Winning your first game of the day
  • Playing game modes with the active Star Token icon (located on bottom right of Game Mode tile)
  • Weekly Special Quest
  • Mega Box Challenge (15-win challenge)

Brawl Boxes were the predecessor to Starr Drops, allowing players to receive random rewards. However, with each Brawl Box you opened, your chances of receiving a new brawler gradually increased. Nowadays, Starr Drops all have a constant fixed percentage at which you could receive a brawler. Furthermore, Brawl Boxes give the player several items instead of just one you receive from Starr Drops. We understand how people feel about loot boxes, but just keep in mind that Starr Drops are essentially the same thing.

Along with the return of Mega Boxes comes two classic Brawl Stars Modes. Mirror Match and Drum Roll return to Brawl Stars during the Brawl Stars Classic Event. In both modes, all brawlers are capped at level 9 and can only use their first Star Power with no Hypercharges or Gadgets. Each mode works as follows:

  • Mirror Match: All players play as the same brawler (can only play as the original 21 brawlers)
  • Drum Roll: Defeating one Brawler turns you into another. Essentially, you need to take down a certain number of brawlers to win the match.

Brawl Stars is also adding another mode down the line called Paint Brawl. To win this mode, your team needs to cover the map with more paint than the other team. One method involves kicking around a paint-ball which spreads paint around the map quickly. However, defeating brawlers also covers the area with a bit of your team's paint.

Furthermore, The new Brawl Talk mentioned the addition of seven new Hypercharges coming to the game in Season 28:

  • Barley – Throws three big bottles that destroy any Bushes in the area
  • Frank – Super now covers an extremely wide circle around him. Think of Jacky's attack… but much, much bigger
  • Angelo – Super now follows him wherever he goes
  • Piper – Spawns more bomb when starting her super and knocks back enemies when she lands
  • EMZ – Knocks back all brawlers with her Super and can follow up with a targeted spray
  • Rico – Super projectiles bounce even further
  • Gale – Wider Super range and now shoots twice

Brawl Stars Adding New Brawlers Berry & Clancy

Overall, two new brawlers are coming to Brawl Stars in Season 28 and beyond – Berry & Clancy

Firstly Brawl Stars is adding Berry, an Epic Brawler and unicorn who is part of Mandy's trio. His main attack is an ice cream projectile that leaves an area of effect that damages enemies and heals teammates over time. For his Super, Berry spins towards his enemy, dealing a massive amount of damage. Additionally, he leaves behind a trail of ice cream to potentially cause more damage.

And perhaps the most interesting thing about Berry is that he can charge his Super by healing teammates. No other brawler in the game can do this, making Berry an interesting addition to the meta.

Secondly, Clancy, the newest Mythic Brawler in Brawl Stars, will release later on this Summer. This Shellfish soldier can upgrade up to three times in battle, just like Surge. However, his Super also receives an upgrade every time he levels up. Here is how Clancy's three stages work:

  • Stage I – Single projectile main attack, Super releases a small cone of bullets
  • Stage II – Fires two shots in quick succession, Super now covers a wider area
  • Stage III – Clancy now fires off another two projectiles in opposite directions, increasing his chance of landing an attack. Super now grants him more speed.

That includes everything we know about the two new Brawl Stars brawlers – Berry and Clancy – but many current ones also received some changes.

Brawl Stars Making Social Improvements, Brawler Re-Works, and more

The latest Brawl Talk mentioned improvements to the social features to help you team up easier and faster. Some of these new improvements include:

  • Group QR codes
  • Chat directly from home screen
  • Adding friends right after a match ends
  • Double XP earned when playing in a Team

Furthermore, several other big changes to multiple Brawlers:

  • Frank: A re-work to his skill-set that increases his attack speed the lower his health is.
  • Meg: More projectiles from her main attack the cost of shorter range
  • Chester: Bell O'Mania is now part of his main attack set, letting him shoot four bells with his fourth attack
    • New Star Power makes his first stage attack stronger

Lastly, some miscellaneous changes include:

  • A tweak to Hank's title
  • The ability to see when your account was created
  • Removed Bling Cap
  • Different Brock Model
  • Ability to get your own unique Supercell ID handle
  • Ability to see current rank position in the master's leaderboard.

Overall, that includes everything new from the latest Brawl Stars Brawl Talk. We look forward to seeing the return of Mega Boxes. Furthermore, we can't wait to see how Clancy and Berry shake up the Brawl Stars meta this summer! And with new hypercharges and character re-works, there's a lot we can expect to see change in the coming months. Lastly, we love some of the new improvements made to the social features.

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