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Clippers’ Patrick Beverley agrees with Royce White on Carmelo Anthony, Jared Dudley, Lakers

Patrick Beverley, Jared Dudley, Carmelo Anthony

Los Angeles Clippers guard Patrick Beverley did not hold back agreeing with former NBA forward Royce White and his take on the Carmelo Anthony ordeal. White argued Melo was being “blackballed” from the league, and that the evidence rested on the fact that Jared Dudley was signed to the Los Angeles Lakers and Anthony wasn’t.

White had pretty stiff criticism for LeBron James, saying he also had a part in the matter:

“Melo is absolutely being blackballed. He’s one of the realest in it,” said White. “He’s one of those dudes. He ain’t like me, he don’t talk brash and straightforward like that, but he has those morals and principles. He’s given too much to the game for them not to allow him to play or for them to culturally make a decision or an agreement that he’s not good anymore. All of us here that have played the game at the highest level know how good Melo is, and we know that there’s no way that the Lakers would got out and sign Jared Dudley and not sign Carmelo Anthony.

“And another question is why a guy like LeBron is walking here around like he’s the face and voice of the players. How is he letting his banana boat brother hang out there in the wings and they go sign Jared Dudley and not Carmelo? If anybody watching this thinks that Jared Dudley can hold Carmelo’s jockstrap, I’ll slap them.”

White may be right to say Carmelo is a better talent than Dudley, but the rest simply flies off the handle. As much as LeBron James has played GM from behind the scenes during his career, he has never been the type to force his hand. Anthony would be coming into a loaded frontcourt with guys like James, Anthony Davis, and Kyle Kuzma, getting only scraps of playing time — which he’s not interested in at the moment.

Beverley likely admires White’s conviction, but his words won’t change matters, as unfortunate as Melo’s unemployment might be. But, if anything, perhaps this adds another layer to the Clippers-Lakers rivalry.