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How Stephen Curry went on to crash a party after Harrison Barnes’ wedding

While it was Stephen Curry‘s mocking of LeBron James‘ Instagram videos that caught most of the headlines this weekend, an underrated bit flew under the radar following the wedding of his former teammates Harrison Barnes in Newport, Rhode Island.

Curry, former teammate Kent Bazemore and four other friends went on a hunt for an afterparty, honing into a house that was bumping loud music at early hours of the morning, according to TMZ Sports.

No afterparty is complete without @stephencurry30 randomly rolling in asking to party..

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The newly-crowned champion and his friends knocked and asked if they could come in, but it wasn’t long until beers were being passed around enthusiastically.

“They wanted Steph to shotgun the beers — but Curry decided it was best to just chug. He ended up wearing half the can on his Steph Curry UA shirt,” the TMZ report read.

“We’re told the guys partied for about 30 to 45 mins and everyone had a blast.”

Whether it is the rabid following during his tours in Asia or playing golf along with some of the brightest stars in the business, or even slamming beers at 2 a.m. — Curry can do no wrong after proving himself in the NBA Finals and snatching his second title.