Joel Embiid fined $10,000 for inappropriate social media comments
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Joel Embiid fined $10,000 for inappropriate social media comments

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Philadelphia 76ers center Joel Embiid is one of the most outspoken NBA stars on social media. He does not shy away from commenting on hot-button NBA topics, or sliding into DM’s of celebrities. However, Embiid can sometimes use his social media status in a controversial way.

After the 2017 NBA Draft, Embiid publicly asked fellow Sixer Ben Simmons to dunk on Lakers guard Lonzo Ball. As expected, this did not go down well with the elder Ball, LaVar. Embiid may have met his match in terms of outspokenness and the exchange of shot have been ongoing for quite a while.

After a comment made by LaVar Ball during a radio interview, Embiid fired back with three words, one of them being very explicit. Those comments ended up being costly for the big man.

Embiid is definitely making a lot more money so the $10,000 fine wouldn’t hurt his wallet at all, but maybe this will teach the 23-year-old that he has a social responsibility to remain a role model. Using explicit words and creating confrontations over petty things are not something that the young fans of the 76ers primarily, but also of the NBA in general, should see.

If a person has a big social media following, it is his or her responsibility to understand their influence. While this might not be a lot — just one explicit word — it is good that the league is showing Embiid that there are consequences if the social media space is used for wrong matters.