Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons target Lonzo Ball after LaVar's rant at draft
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Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons target Lonzo Ball after LaVar’s rant at draft

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76ers center Joel Embiid is one of the most active NBA stars on social media. From reacting to Instagram stories of other NBA players, to selling the Philadelphia “process,” to other NBA players on Twitter. However, this time, it was not only Embiid taking to social media.

The big man was joined by 76ers forward Ben Simmons, who reacted to the rant from LaVar Ball.

After Adam Silver announced that Lonzo Ball was selected by the Lakers, LaVar boldly claimed that everybody knew it was destiny that his son would end up with the franchise:

“From the words of Zeus, Jesus, everybody said he gonna be a Laker.”

Ben Simmons took to Twitter after these statements were made, and posted a simple Tweet saying “Crazy Pills”:

Embiid quickly added a request for Simmons to dunk on Lonzo:

Embiid is famous for not holding back with his statements, and this is just one more in a series of comical tweets from the Philly stud. With two rising giants in the Los Angeles Lakers in the West and the Philadelphia 76ers in the East, this “beef” might grow as time goes on.

The hate for Lonzo Ball is mostly fueled by his, sometimes, over-confident father. LaVar’s controversial statements have been dominating the NBA headlines for the past couple of weeks.

The Sixers selected Markelle Fultz with the first selection, and Embiid wasted no time congratulating his future teammate: