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Kawhi Leonard’s college coach talks about his shyness, ability to make eye contact

Kawhi Leonard, Raptors

Toronto Raptors superstar forward Kawhi Leonard is known for his shyness, but did you know of his superhero like ability to make eye contact?

Relax, friends. This will all make sense in a second.

Steve Fisher, Leonard’s college basketball coach, was recently interviewed by The Athletic. There were a ton of neat nuggets dug from the origin story of Kawhi Leonard, but this is pretty much my favorite. Not the part about the shyness, as that’s humorously well documented by now, but the part about his ability to never lose in a staring contest.

“He was very attentive. I watch. I’m pretty observant,” Fisher recalls of the meeting. “He constantly made eye contact. He wasn’t like a lot of kids where he was looking down. He was looking at you. You could tell that he was listening, but he didn’t say anything. His mother did all of the talking and asked all of the questions.

“Kawhi was immensely shy with people he did not know, very guarded as to what he would say. Usually one- or two-word answers: yes, no sir, thank you, yes. He didn’t say very much. I remember when we had our home visit, I left and I told Brian ‘We’re not gonna get him. He didn’t say a word.’”

To be Camp Crystal Lake clear: The entire feature on the Raptors superstar is worth reading. Do not just settle for this delightful, yet minuscule dish into the brain of Leonard.

Nevertheless, do you know believe you can defeat him in a battle of non-moving eyeballs? I do not.