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Kevin Knox rips fans who want Knicks to tank on purpose

Kevin Knox, Knicks

Let’s be honest: the best thing for the New York Knicks to do for the remainder of this season is tank. They aren’t making the playoffs, so why pass up an opportunity at earning the No. 1 overall pick?

The thing is, players never want to tank, and Knicks rookie Kevin Knox is the perfect example of that.

Knox ripped New York fans who want the team to purposely lose games:

“Yeah, a lot of fans, they always say some dumb stuff,’’ Kevin Knox said, according to Marc Berman of the New York Post. “You see it all the time with the tanking and want us to lose, stuff like that. It’s kind of stupid. They’re not really true New Yorkers. Real Knicks fans know that we’re trying to just take this year to just develop us young guys and then next year hopefully make a push.”

The subject was broached because the Knicks will be playing the Cleveland Cavaliers, a team that is also in the hunt for the No. 1 pick, on Monday night.

While you can understand Knox’s frustration, he should probably fall back with the “real Knicks fans” talk.

Just like any other fan base, Knicks fans want the best for their team going forward, and they feel that New York would be better-served having a chance of drafting Zion Williamson this June, or even potentially getting the No. 1 pick and trading it for Anthony Davis.

You can still develop your young talent along the way, too.

But really, all of this is moot, because the Knicks are so bad that they will lose plenty of games without even trying to do it.