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Lakers star LeBron James dishes on Kobe Bryant emulating Michael Jordan’s game

LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Lakers, Michael Jordan

Almost a year after Kobe Bryant’s passing, Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James talked about the legend after their win against the Chicago Bulls on Saturday evening.

Being in Chicago, James was asked his opinion regarding Bryant emulating Michael Jordan’s game. LeBron shared that he always respected the Lakers legend for who he was as a player:

Bryant’s game has always been compared to Jordan, with the Bulls legend also serving as his childhood idol. The Lakers great didn’t get to have many matchups with MJ as he entered the league when His Airness was already at the tail end of his career, but there were a few notable moments together, including in All-Star Games.

While Kobe did pattern some of his game after Jordan, LeBron clearly wants to appreciate the legends separately. Even with similarities, they were also unique, which is what helped make them so great. The same could be said for LeBron himself.

Several years after Bryant last took the floor, James now continues to banner the Purple and Gold with an impressive showing in the early stages of the season. The Lakers improved to a 13-4 record and tightened their grip on the top spot in the Western Conference after defeating the Bulls, 101-90.

James recorded 17 points, 11 rebounds, and six assists, while Anthony Davis produced 37 points, six rebounds, and three assists of his own in the win. The Lakers led by 30 points at halftime and cruised in the second half to the easy victory.