Lakers news: LeBron James reacts to Mavs trading Harrison Barnes to Kings mid-game
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Lakers’ LeBron James reacts to Mavs trading Harrison Barnes to Kings mid-game

LeBron James, Harrison Barnes

LeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers has reacted to the controversial mid-game trade which sent Harrison Barnes to the Sacramento Kings.

Via Instagram, James posted a short clip of Barnes sitting in the Dallas Mavericks bench as the commentator was breaking the news involving him.

In James’ caption, he lashed out on the notion that when players (especially franchise players) request for a trade, they are immediately tagged as ungrateful or selfish.

For James, the now-controversial Barnes trade is part of the NBA and its dealings.

Since at the end of the day, it’s a business. He completely understands these realities. Every NBA team does what it has to do to win. And to achieve this, a team has to constantly build and recalibrate its roster either via trade, free agent signings, or draft picks in the summer.

A trade is one of those inevitable things that a player can’t control. It was just that Barnes was in the middle of the game when the deal was sealed.

The 34-year-old seemingly just wants a fair treatment of those players who want out. The Barnes trade is a good example of a team doing what’s best for them despite the questionable circumstances.

For James, players, too, have the right to do what they believe is best for their own careers.

And thus, when they want a trade, their wishes should be respected.