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Lakers great Magic Johnson predicts LeBron James will win 2019-20 MVP

Lakers, LeBron James, Magic Johnson

LeBron James will be the 2019-20 NBA MVP.

That is the message that former Los Angeles Lakers president Magic Johnson sent to the whole NBA, as the Purple and Gold continue to prepare for the upcoming campaign.

Johnson took it to Twitter to give his prediction, though he didn’t cite any reason for it. He simply showed his belief that LeBron will take over the league again and, potentially, lead the Lakers franchise to the championship they long covet.

LeBron James failed to lead the Lakers to the playoffs in the past 2018-19 season; however, had he not suffered a groin injury during their Christmas day showdown, things could have been different for the team. After all, they were in the thick of the postseason race before LBJ sustained the injury that ultimately put an end to their playoff push.

Despite missing the playoffs though, LeBron got the opportunity to rest his body and mind after eight straight Finals appearances. The extra rest could benefit LeBron heading into the new campaign, especially now that he’ll be playing alongside a fellow superstar in Anthony Davis.

The Lakers, headed by the LeBron-Davis partnership, are largely considered legitimate title contenders. If they live up to their expectations, it’s not far-fetched for James to win his fifth regular season MVP award — just like how Magic Johnson predicted it.