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Bucs’ Tom Brady perfectly uses Michael Jordan meme

Last Dance, Buccaneers, Tom Brady, Michael Jordan

Tamba Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady pulled out the newest Michael Jordan meme from “The Last Dance” to react to a tweet.

ESPN tweeted their expectations for the 2020 NFL season and what might actually happen. It seems that ESPN thinks the Falcons have a good shot at the title.

However, with Brady still around, their chances might be slim. And the new Buccaneers QB seemed to hint as much with his Michael Jordan-inspired response.

The Falcons themselves replies to the tweet using another meme from “The Last Dance.”

Be as it may, the new Jordan meme is certainly being utilized very well these days. For those who have actually seen “The Last Dance,” the meme came from Episode 8.

The episode featured Jordan’s return from his first retirement and the Chicago Bulls‘ chase for a fourth title. In the 1996 NBA Finals, the Bulls dueled with Gary Payton and the Seattle Supersonics. In that season, Payton was crowned Defensive Player of the Year.

But interestingly, Sonics head coach George Karl didn’t match The Glove with Jordan in the first three games. This led to a commanding 3-0 series lead for the Bulls.

In the next few games, Karl finally put Payton on Jordan. Statistics reveal that in the final three games of the series, Jordan scored 23, 26, and 22 points — all below his average output.

This led many to believe, including Payton himself, that he was successful in containing Jordan. Payton’s only regret was that he should’ve put pressure early on.

Jordan, however, simply laughed at Payton’s sentiments, claiming in “The Last Dance” that he did not have any trouble with The Glove. Rather, he was thinking about his father since the last game of the series fell on Father’s Day.