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Lost Judgment gets new gameplay trailer during Sony State of Play

Lost Judgment gameplay trailer

The Yakuza spin-off game Lost Judgment got a new gameplay trailer during Sony’s State of Play live stream.

The new gameplay trailer showcased both cinematics and gameplay footage. We’re at this point in gaming where gameplay footage is starting to look like cinematic cutscenes, and props to Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio for achieving this feat. We see different points in the gameplay in the latest gameplay trailer, with Takayumi Yagumi doing all sorts of things. Some scenes have him doing detective work, some times we see him doing Yakuza-certified side activities.

For Lost Judgment‘s core gameplay, we get to see the different fighting styles Yagumi can do. We also see him being a detective sleuth, working on a crime scene and observing clues. Yagumi also showcased his parkour skills in the trailer, as we see him climbing a wall by holding on to pipes lining it. Some of these activities were part of our Lost Judgment wishlist, so we’re glad to finally see them confirmed.

Meanwhile, outside of his detective work, Yagumi also partakes in hilarious side activities just like any other Yakuza main characters. In the gameplay trailer, we see him walking a shibu inu (that then chews on another person’s arm), joining a race, doing tricks with a skateboard, and even dancing like a madman.

Lost Judgment comes out on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Windows PC on September 24, 2021.