Nintendo continues to expand its offerings for Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack subscribers, keeping players engaged with a fresh roster of games. After recently introducing Game Boy Advance titles to the service, Nintendo has now added four classic SEGA Genesis games to the mix.

New Sega Genesis Titles: Pulseman, Flicky, Street Fighter II: Special Champion Edition, Kid Chameleon

These four iconic titles are now available via the Sega Genesis option on the Nintendo Switch Online subscription service.

  • Pulseman
  • Flicky
  • Street Fighter II: Special Champion Edition
  • Kid Chameleon

While Street Fighter II is a well-known classic, the other three games provide a unique opportunity for players to dive into lesser-known gems.

Flicky is a platformer that features a small blue bird. Players help Flicky protect her chicks from the pesky Tiger the Cat. Fans of Sonic the Hedgehog may recognize Flicky as the character made an appearance in the popular franchise.

Pulseman, developed by Game Freak and published by Sega, is a wild one. Focused on combating cyber-terrorism, it's a challenging adventure akin to Mega Man. As Pulseman, players must stop the AI-obsessed Doc Waruyama from wreaking havoc across the globe.

Capcom's Street Fighter II: Special Champion Edition hardly needs an introduction, as it remains one of the most iconic fighting arcade games of all time. With various game modes and a diverse cast of characters, it's sure to keep players entertained as they eagerly anticipate the release of Street Fighter 6.

Finally, SEGA's Kid Chameleon offers a side-scrolling adventure packed with various levels and challenges. Players assume the role of Kid Chameleon. He enters virtual reality to rescue characters and ultimately defeat the boss, Heady Metal. It's just as cool as it sounds.

Nintendo's latest update to its Sega Genesis collection ensures that subscribers have plenty of new adventures to embark on. Whether players are revisiting old favorites or discovering new ones, there's something for everyone in