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Owners, MLBPA far apart in MLB lockout discussions with season approaching

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The MLB lockout has droned on with little news to report, leaving fans of the sport to wonder whether any progress has been made in talks between the MLBPA and the owners. ESPN MLB reporter Jeff Passan reports that the “MLB is working on proposals to bring to the table”, though there is still no end in sight to the lockout. While Passan offered a glimmer of hope, he also painted a picture of the MLBPA and the owners, one that shows two sides that are far apart in MLB lockout discussions with the season fast approaching.

This is a grim picture presented by ESPN MLB reporter Jeff Passan. Passan sources a “longtime baseball man”, who knows of the relationship between the owners and the players and is shocked at where things stand.

Per Passan, the MLBPA and the owners can’t even get to the negotiating table to discuss issues because of the level of tension between the two sides.

Some of the biggest issues on the table in the MLB lockout are the competitive balance tax threshold, as well as player salaries early in their careers, and the “competitive integrity” of the league, issues raised mostly by the players.

If the owners and the MLBPA can’t even get to the negotiating table, then the MLB season could eventually be in jeopardy.