NBA news: Isiah Thomas calls out auction house to return stolen trophy
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Isiah Thomas calls out auction house to return stolen All-Star Game MVP trophy

Isiah Thomas, NBA

NBA Hall of Famer and Detroit Pistons legend Isiah Thomas isn’t letting a blatant robbery slip.

The two-time NBA champion called out Heritage Auctions — an auction house based in Dallas, Texas — for making his stolen 1984 NBA All-Star MVP trophy available to bidders.

Thomas wasn’t happy with the item being up for sale and tweeted a PSA that his trophy was actually stolen.He then asked the auction house to return the item to him.

“This trophy was stolen from St. Joseph High Shool the night Mr. Pingatore my coach died it belongs to me,” Isiah Thomas said on Twitter. “You stole my trophy please return it!”

Per the NBA icon, the trophy was stolen from one of the trophy cabinets of his high school in Westchester, Illinois last year on the same night legendary coach Gene Pingatore passed away. Although the 12-time NBA All-Star didn’t directly accuse the auction house of stealing the trophy, he is asking them to not sell the item and rather return it to him.

It does have his name on it, so it won’t be too hard to identify the owner.

The company immediately replied to Thomas via Twitter to mention that an investigation is already underway.

“Heritage goes to every length to ensure the authenticity and provenance of the items that are consigned to us,” Heritage Auctions responded. “We take the concerns and allegations of Mr. Thomas very seriously.”

The fact that the auction company won’t just return the trophy to the guy whose name is on the plaque is just peak 2020.