From an instant classic to a postgame feud, the Ohio State football-Notre Dame football game last weekend provided a lot of entertainment. It was one of the biggest games of the college football season, and it certainly didn't disappoint. It was a close, defensive slugfest throughout the game, and the Buckeyes ended up scoring a touchdown with one second left to get out of South Bend with the win. The college football world has been talking about the game all week, mostly because of the Ryan Day-Lou Holtz fiasco, but Day recently made another newsworthy comment about the game, with this one more on the humor side of things.

Ryan Day was recently asked about the most romantic thing he's done for his wife, and his answer was an all-timer.

“The most romantic thing I’ve done in the last few months was beat Notre Dame last Saturday night,” The Ohio State football coach said according to a video posted to Twitter by McNeil. “That’s the truth. You can ask her, I guarantee it.”

Romantic might not be the best word to describe the big win for the Buckeyes, but Day says there's nothing that would make his wife happier than that win.

“There ain’t no night out that she wants more than to win that game, I can promise you that right now,” Day continued. “So that was a good night.”

That certainly was a good night for Ohio State. That was one of the most difficult games on their schedule, and they escaped with a win. The Buckeyes seem poised for another successful run, and their season will likely come down to the late November matchup with Michigan in Ann Arbor.