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Marcus Freeman next to a Notre Dame logo at Notre Dame Stadium
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The transfer portal was a wild and rambunctious ride as it seemingly always is. There was a ton of movement in the 2023-24 college football offseason, from coaches and players alike. One team that was very active in the transfer portal: Notre Dame football. The Fighting Irish brought in a ton of top notch talent […]

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Notre Dame football coach Marcus Freeman
Notre Dame football, Fighting Irish, Army football, Yankee Stadium, Notre Dame Army Yankee Stadium, Notre Dame and Army football logos with Yankee Stadium in the background
Notre Dame logo on the left, while on the right is Elijah Burress.
CJ May with a ripped up image of Notre Dame football logo
Photo: Riley Leonard in Notre Dame gear with med kits around him
Marcus Freeman saying “we need some help”, silhouette football player next to him. Notre Dame football
Oregon State football coach Kefense Hynson Sun Bowl
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Notre Dame football, Oregon State football, Notre Dame football predictions, Oregon State football predictions, Sun Bowl, Marcus Freeman and Anthony Perkins with Sun Bowl stadium in the background
Tyler Buchner in an Alabama football uniform saying “I’m coming back” with the Notre Dame logo near him
Troy football to hire Gerad Parker after Jon Sumrall leaves for Tulane
Former Fighting Irish QB Drew Pyne is returning to graduate in Spring 2024 but will enter the transfers portal for his next football home, Notre Dame roster unaffected
Notre Dame football, Fighting Irish, Joe Alt, Joe Alt NFL Draft, NFL Draft, Joe Alt in Notre Dame uni with Notre Dame football stadium in the background
Notre Dame football, Duke football, Blue Devils, Fighting Irish, Riley Leonard, Riley Leonard in Duke uni with Duke logo and an arrow pointing to Notre Dame logo with Notre Dame football stadium in the background
Former Duke QB has committed to Notre Dame in the transfer portal.
Photo: Sam Hartman in Notre Dame football jersey throwing football, 2024 NFL Draft logo in background
Chris Tyree in a split jersey of the Virginia Cavaliers and Alabama Crimson Tide football teams. Several question marks above his head
Photo: Riley Leonard in Notre Dame uniform with fans in the back