It can be difficult for any player to raise his status or make an important impression during offseason workouts. However, Pittsburgh Steelers second-year wide receiver Calvin Austin has been doing just that during the two weeks the team has held its OTAs.

The second-year receiver from Memphis has come back from injury and made an impression on the coaching staff, offensive players and defensive players. Patrick Peterson, who is in his first year with the Steelers after impressive stints with the Arizona Cardinals and Minnesota Vikings, believes that Austin has the kind of shocking speed that will allow him to make a key contribution in the 2023 season.

“I ain’t ever seen Austin before,” Peterson said. “All I know is he’s a little guy and he’s outside. If he’s a little guy outside, he must got wheels. But I’ve never seen him in action. He made a little move, he may have gotten an arm length ahead of me. But I ended up giving him one of my tug and pulls to get me back in position to make the play.”

After film review of the play, Peterson explained that assistant coach Grady Brown said that the veteran defensive back was owed an apology because he had not been informed of Austin's blazing 4.2 speed.

Calvin Austin was a fourth round draft pick for the Steelers a year ago, but he never got to contribute in 2022 because of a foot injury. Now that he is healthy, he appears to have the kind of talent that will be able to help the Pittsburgh offense and quarterback Kenny Pickett on a consistent basis.