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Tower of Fantasy Guides: All Crown Travel Logs: Scenic Points

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Tower of Fantasy, the open-world MMORPG has finally launched, and part of its exploration mechanics are the Scenic Points. These are specific spots in each region that showcase the landmarks in that region, and rewards you handsomely for the meager task of simply going to the spot and clicking a button. Each will reward you 20 Dark Crystals and 20 Crown Exploration Points, for a total of 120 of each.

It’s also a nice way to appreciate the region and its unique landscape. Crown’s Scenic Points center around the Parliament, as well as the Miners in the region.

If you’re playing on a PC, the unlimited wall climbing exploit will certainly come in handy, but is not necessary. This guide also assumes you’ve already unlocked all Spacerifts and the Omnium Tower in the region.

Tower of Fantasy Crown Scenic Points

Here are all of the Scenic Point locations in Crown.

Miners’ Camp Scenic Point

“A camp for miners in the valley. Miners working day and night can catch some rest at this old camp.”


Use the Miners’ Camp Spacerift located in the northwest part of the region, where the border of the Tower of Fantasy, Banges, and Crown make a corner. After teleporting, glide downwards in the southeast direction until you reach the level with the green-painted container and the mine’s entrance. You will be able to find the Scenic Point just off the small wooden balcony, with a slightly lower elevation.


Parliament Scenic Point

“Parliament was constructed under the management of Mr. Kim, the manager of the Mines. Built on abandoned land, Parliament now provides residence for some management staff.”


To get to the Parliament Scenic Point, teleport to the Lab Spacerift found in the middle of Crown (sitting on top of the word “Parliament”, oddly enough). This will place you in a good elevation to easily reach the Scenic Point. If you face west, you can see the spot where the Scenic Point is sitting on. The goal is to cross the river, which you can accomplish through a few ways: either glide down to water level and use the elevating platform (the one enclosed in two red poles), glide down and use the ramp, then climb up, or gliding down to the wall next to the elevator and climbing the rest of the way.

Once you make it across the body of water, simply walk up to the interactable. Here’s a view of the Lab Spacerift from the Scenic Point to give you an idea where to look:


Research Lab (Area 4) Scenic Point

“A lab constructed by Kali Yoga, a famous doctor in the Mines years ago. It holds many famous research findings and equipment and is still running as a lab for medical research and development.”


The Research Lab Scenic Point is by far the easiest to get to. Teleport to the Crown Omnium Tower and glide down eastward. This is the direction which the hot air balloon is, so you can use that to get your bearings.

The Scenic Point is on the edge of the cliff, incredibly close to the Omnium Tower. And by close, I mean close. Here’s a view of the Omnium Tower from the Scenic Point:


The Lumina Scenic Point

“A shipwreck at New Moon Bay, which is said to have been a cargo ship carrying ore. There are many ghost stories about it circulating through the Mines, but few are bold enough to explore the shipwreck.”


To get to The Lumina Scenic Point, simply use the the Southern Mountains Spacerift located on the southeast end of the Crown region, close to the border to Banges. From this Spacerift, head east until you see a couple of pointy plateaus. Go to the left one, and you’ll find the Scenic Point near the edge.

From this Scenic Point, you can even see the Southern Mountains Spacerift in the distance:


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