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Warriors’ Kevin Durant downplays Twitter beef with CJ McCollum

Kevin Durant

“I’m me. I do me. And I chill.” These are the words that appear on Kevin Durant’s official Twitter page in describing his account. It’s no wonder he and a few fellow NBA players and millions of NBA fans don’t see eye-to-eye.

Nevertheless, KD’s doing everything he can to downplay his recent Twitter beef with Portland Trail Blazer’s star CJ McCullom, via Shams Charania of Yahoo! Sports.

“Me and C.J. are tight. We talk on the phone all the time about little [expletive] like that. It was a friendly jab, and everyone ran with it. But I can’t get into [expletive] like that with other players because people just don’t like me at this point. It won’t stop me. It’ll fuel me to be better and better. I know you think I’m sensitive, but I’m just tired of holding it in.”

Durant, 29, just cannot stay away from Twitter controversy. The man engages fans and seemingly looks for slights to respond to. It’s actually grown to the point in which seemingly every non-Golden State Warriors fan stands on the opposite fence of one KD.

In this specific instance regarding CJ McCollum, Durant downplayed it via the official media. Many, including Damian Lillard, have spoken out about the silly situation and want nothing more than to see a peaceful resolution.

Perhaps Kevin Durant is also on board for that.