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Stephen Curry says no one in Golden State expected DeMarcus Cousins to be free agent option

Stephen Curry, Warriors, DeMarcus Cousins

Several names were expected to be dropped of the two-time defending Golden State Warriors squad, as longtime veteran David West was expected to retire, and the likes of Nick Young and Zaza Pachulia would have a tough time re-signing with the team.

While replacements were in the cards, no one in the roster, including Stephen Curry thought DeMarcus Cousins would be readily available the second day of free agency for them to make a move.

“It’s interesting because nobody going into free agency thought about DeMarcus as an option then all of a sudden he found his way onto our team,” Curry told The Associated Press. “So for us to have a new dynamic, a new look, whenever he’s fully healthy it should be amazing.”

Yet the two-time MVP will take any extra help the team can muster, further improving the Warriors’ chances at a threepeat, which could set them up for talks of a dynasty — if that isn’t already circling the wagons.

“I think we got better,” said Curry. “Obviously we lost some pieces that were very vital to us winning a championship but you’ve got to evolve, you’ve got to find different things to focus on as you’re trying to repeat, so it should be exciting.”

The Warriors will miss West’s leadership, his defense, and his veteran savvy — but they will have a bona fide All-Star by the middle of the season that can give him what the franchise hasn’t had since Wilt Chamberlain, a dominant low-post scorer that can destroy the glass in any given night.