Warriors news: Steve Kerr on Michael Jordan, Stephen Curry’s fame
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Steve Kerr reveals the difference between Michael Jordan, Stephen Curry’s fame

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Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr had the chance to be around two of the biggest basketball stars of their respective eras: Michael Jordan and Stephen Curry.

According to Kerr, however, there’s a ton of difference between the two players’ fame.

Kerr Spoke with Scott Van Pelt on ESPN’s SportsCenter where he shared his observations at how the media dealt with Jordan and Curry. Back then, Kerr observed that athletes — even Jordan — could momentarily escape from all the media attention. This created a “mystical quality,” according to the Warriors coach.

“I think there was almost a mystical quality to a famous team or athlete like Michael back then. Nothing is left to the imagination now. Back then, you could get away from it as an athlete, as a player, as anyone in the public eye. When the camera wasn’t on you, you could escape it,” steve Kerr said, as transcribed by Ali Thanawalla of NBC Sports.

Today, however, Kerr observed that every bit of an athlete’s life is nitpicked and analyzed by the media. To get away from all the attention is practically hopeless.

“But today, with social media, with people seeing every single aspect of your life, you look at Steph Curry as a great example of someone whose every movement is analyzed and judged and criticized, so I think back then, there was a little more freedom that came with fame. You could escape it. And now it just seems like it’s impossible to do so,” the Warriors bench tactician added.

It’s a poignant observation by Kerr, one of the most successful player-turned-coach in NBA history. He has an interesting life and career himself, but he always chooses to be humble and stay behind the scenes.