Wizards news: Bradley Beal on extension offer -- 'I haven't thought about it'
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Bradley Beal on Wizards’ extension offer: ‘I haven’t thought about it’

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Washington Wizards star Bradley Beal was asked to comment on his contract extension offer on the latest Wizards Talk podcast with Chris Miller. Surprisingly, the former No. 3 overall pick says he hasn’t given it much thought:

“Honestly you might slap me, but I haven’t thought about it,” Beal said. “I’m just getting better and letting my agent, Tommy [Sheppard] and everybody else deal with it.

“I just go hoop. Every day I see somebody and they ask ‘Beal, you leaving?’ and I’m like ‘I’m still living in D.C., I ain’t going nowhere.'”

The Wizards offered Beal a three-year max extension worth nearly $112 million earlier this summer. However, he has chosen not to sign it yet, and he might not do it at all.

Beal is still under contract for two years and will be eligible for a five-year supermax extension worth an estimated $220 million next summer if he makes one of the three All-NBA teams in the coming season. He’s also likely weighing his options, deciding whether or not to commit to the Wizards for the long haul.

Meanwhile, the Wizards are clearly interested in keeping Beal on the roster instead of trading him:

“The way that I look at this is pretty simple: If you were looking to build a team, Brad would be the type of player anyone would want to start with,” Wizards general manager Tommy Sheppard told CBS Sports. “You look at the character, the talent, the age, just the whole package … Brad is without a doubt a core player in this league. Every team would love to have him, and we do. So we’ve never considered anything other than a situation where Brad is with us and leading us forward. We made that clear to him on the first day we could offer him an extension, and we’ll continue to make that clear.”

Beal put up great numbers last season. In fact, he posted career highs in several categories. The 26-year-old started all 82 regular-season games, racking up averages of 25.6 points on 47.5 percent shooting from the field (35.1 percent from beyond the arc), 5.5 assists, 5.0 rebounds and 1.5 steals in 36.9 minutes per outing.