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Masin Elije’s attempt to expose Wizards’ Dwight Howard as his ex-boyfriend

dwight howard

Washington Wizards center Dwight Howard breaks the internet for all the wrong reasons after someone came out and claimed to be his ex-boyfriend. To make matters worse, the man who goes by the name Masin Elije accuses Howard of threatening and sexually harassing him.

The shock value of this news comes from all angles and further reading into the tweet’s thread takes anyone who dives into it for a spin.

Howard strongly denied the allegations, and given Elije has two allegations that failed in the past and the screenshots with Howard appear to be fake, this appears to be a false accusation.

Dwight Howard has been out of action due to a glute injury and the Wizards are slowly being deconstructed from the inside. This latest development or more aptly put, accusation, on the former All-Star center certainly takes things several notches higher.

While this is a personal mess that faces Howard, there’s no telling how damaging it can be to his emotional and mental state. Unfortunately for the Wizards, the well-being of their top big man is now in question and how this affects his play remains in the balance.

It’s been a rough year for the big man. After being traded and enduring weird injuries, this latest scandal is sure to remain in the news, hogging the spotlight for quite some time.

No one has to judge Dwight Howard for his sexual orientation if all these allegations are proven to be true. But everyone must take this with a grain of salt and take the high road while waiting for the truth to come out.

Most importantly, do not digress from the lone issue here which is the accusation being thrown at Dwight Howard rather than his preference in a partner.