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Wizards star Russell Westbrook will retire as a better player than Allen Iverson, claims Kendrick Perkins

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Retired NBA big man and current ESPN commentator/analyst Kendrick Perkins has been known to come out with a number of contentious statements through the years. The one-time NBA champ has another hot take right now, and it’s not one that will please the Philadelphia 76ers faithful. According to Perk, he firmly believes that once it is all said and done, Washington Wizards star Russell Westbrook will retire as a better overall player than the great Allen Iverson.

Here’s Perkins’ exact quote courtesy of ClutchPoints on Twitter:

To be honest, that’s actually a fair statement from Perkins. We can’t say that we completely agree with this notion right now, but we’re also not bringing out our pitchforks just yet. In short, it’s a thought that is actually worth pondering.

Iverson is one of the greatest ever — there are just no two ways about that. What he did during his time in the NBA was simply unprecedented. However, the same can be said of Russell Westbrook. Now at age 32, Russ is still breaking all sorts of NBA records virtually every single game. Stats-wise, there are only a few players in the history of the sport — if any — that you can compare Westbrook to.

At the end of the day, I guess this becomes a matter of perspective. The intangibles will always come into play and one can argue for or against Westbrook’s or Iverson’s case with more than a few fair points. As for Perkins, however, we know which side of the fence he’s sitting on right now. The Russell Westbrook side.