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Apex Legends teases next Stories from the Outlands episode

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Apex Legends fans can look forward to the latest installment for Stories from the Outlands, which is expected to reveal more clues on either the next legend or plot developments for season 11. The new episode will premiere this coming Monday, October 18, 2021.

Respawn Entertainment dropped the announcement via Twitter, showing a gif of a brain with a cryptic set of numbers—”6 8 2 4 1″. Those numbers may not mean much at first glance, but as turns out they also appeared in the Apex Legends season 10 comic posted yesterday, which confirmed Ash’s identity as Dr. Ashleigh Reid.

In the comic, Horizon used these exact numbers to disable Ash’s simulacrum programming and access her old memories, intending to dig up her past identity. Horizon desperately believed that Ash was Lilian Peck, founder of Olympus, but the memory restore showed otherwise.

The 15-second trailer, meanwhile, shows an eye flaring up with electric circuitry. It seems to allude to a robot, which may very well be Ash’s simulacrum character. Recalling Ash’s first appearance at the end of The Broken Ghost, the legends assembled her to try and decipher the location of Revenant’s source code. For sure, Stories from the Outlands continues its mystifying trend, given Ash/Dr. Reid’s emerging role as an antagonistic character.

Through Stories from the Outlands, Respawn Entertainment expands the Apex lore and has in the past even teased new legends through the cinematics. Before season 10 launched, for example, the “Metamorphosis” entry offered a glimpse of Seer before his debut. Fans might expect a similar exciting reveal in the upcoming episode when it debuts on Monday.