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Celtics still waiting on some test results after Marcus Smart tests positive for coronavirus


Boston Celtics guard Marcus Smart announced he has tested positive for the COVID-19 coronavirus, while other members of the Celtics organization are awaiting test results, according to Jay King of The Athletic.

In Smart’s Twitter post on Thursday night, he said he was tested “5 days ago and the results came back tonight, which were positive. I’ve been self quarantined since the test, thank goodness.”

The Los Angeles Lakers also announced on Thursday that two of its players had tested positive for the coronavirus, and the team was set to test the remaining members of the organization (including staff and coaches) after initially testing some players on Wednesday. The Denver Nuggets announced that they too have one member of the organization testing positive and currently in self-isolation. Smart joins the two Lakers, Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell of the Utah Jazz, Christian Wood of the Detroit Pistons, and Kevin Durant and three undisclosed Brooklyn Nets as the NBA players who have been publicly confirmed to have tested positive for COVID-19.

The NBA is beginning a likely months-long hiatus in the wake of the outbreak. The league issued a memo Thursday ordering members of all 30 organizations to avoid official team practice and training facilities. On Sunday, the league told players to stay away from non-team affiliated workout facilities, too.

Commissioner Adam Silver defended the league’s access to testing. “It’s unfortunate we’re at this position as a society where it’s triage when it comes to testing. And so the fundamental issue is obviously there are insufficient tests,” Silver said.