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Celtics’ Jaylen Brown cites police brutality as ‘act of terrorism’ in wake of George Floyd’s death

Jaylen Brown, George Floyd

Boston Celtics forward Jaylen Brown has been one of the most outspoken players in the league with regards to the recent death of Minnesota man George Floyd at the hands of the police. Recently, the 23-year-old went on a social media barrage voicing out his own grief and anger towards what he deems to be an “act of terrorism:”

Jaylen Brown sent out a few more tweets about the incident, this time focusing on the government’s response on the masses of people that lined up the streets of Minneapolis to collectively protest against social injustice.

Brown then shared his view on why anyone and everyone should be outraged by what’s been going on in the nation. According to the 6-foot-6 swingman, the time for silence and apathy has ended. He even posted a video message on his Instagram account explaining his argument.

Brown is obviously infuriated by Floyd’s death, but this is not the only incident that has him calling for justice. Earlier this week, Brown also called out “Central Park Karen” — a separate incident that recently transpired in Central Park in New York — also caught on camera — wherein a white woman accused an African American man of threatening her life when all the latter wanted was for her to put a leash her dog. Brown blasted Karen, saying that her actions were a blatant showing of racism.

There’s no denying that this matter remains to be one of the most polarizing subjects in the nation today. Nevertheless, Brown — much like many other NBA players — is unafraid to speak his mind and fight for what he believes is right, regardless of the potential consequences and/or backlash.