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Celtics’ Jaylen Brown calls out Central Park ‘Karen’ for racism


The perpetual issue of racial discrimination has once again reared its ugly head of late, with the recent death of Minneapolis man George Floyd at the hands of the police making headlines. Another video that is making its rounds on social media is that of “Central Park Karen,” who wrongfully accused an African American man of threatening her life. Boston Celtics forward Jaylen Brown could not help but speak out, blasting Karen and her actions on Twitter.

The Celtics wing shared the original controversial video that was uploaded by the victim’s sister. In Brown’s opinion, this was an utmost expression of unjust profiling.

Brown did not stop there. He continued to call out Karen’s decision to call the police on the man filming the video. In Brown’s mind, this woman should face criminal charges.

The comments section on the original video relay how Karen was placed on administrative leave from her job because of this video, but for Brown, this is not enough punishment.

Brown is a staunch critic of racism in any form or fashion, and recently, he called out the government for not providing enough support to the African American community in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

“What’s going on now among people of color is I think is no different than what’s been going on the last 100 years,” Brown said during his appearance on the “NBA Together” roundtable discussion, via The Boston Globe. “The lack of resources, the lack or affordability, the lack of accessibility, the lack of information, I think it’s just being magnified right now during this time.

”I think that’s a lot of the issue is kids don’t have computers, don’t have technology set up, things like that. So it’s hard for them to feel like their educational experience is at an even playing field when they don’t have some of the things that others have.”

Brown is a very talented player and appears to have a bright career ahead of him. However, the fact that he is not afraid to speak his mind about what he deems to be social injustices is perhaps what makes him more inspiring.