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Formula 1 news: Sergio Perez shares brutally honest take on 2022 F1 cars

Formula 1 Sergio Perez Red Bull

Red Bull driver Sergio Perez shares his honest take on the new Formula 1 cars set to debut in 2022.

With the new car regulations set in place, Formula 1 will surely experience massive changes next season. All teams, especially the drivers, will have to adjust, working with a slower car that balances out the grid’s competition.

Perez shares his experiences so far in terms of making early adjustments for the new car next season.

Via The Independent

“I have only been driving [the 2022 car] a couple of times on the simulator so we have to wait until we hit it on track and start from there,” Perez told Autosport.

“But it’s obviously very different compared to the current regulations. I think these cars are currently driving, we’ll never see them [again] in the history of Formula 1.

“These are the best cars we have driven, or all people have driven in the history, so unfortunately everything will feel bad compared to these cars. But I hope it is just enjoyable to drive.”

Red Bull currently places second on the constructor standings, garnering multiple podium finishes this year. Despite his team’s success in Formula 1, Perez recognizes the small competitive margin.

“These days the margins are so small that you have five or six teams that can be on the podium on Sunday on pure pace.

“I think going into next year, the one that will get it right will get it quite right and will have an advantage compared to the others. It will take years for the others to catch up,” the Mexican stressed.

This time of adjustment could shake up some teams across Formula 1. As early as now, drivers should expect the numerous differences that they will experience next season.

The question is, which teams can comfortably adjust to these changes? And, who will end up struggling?