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Lakers’ LeBron James shares inspiring message to black women

LeBron James, Lakers

Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James is not letting basketball distract the world from all the racial injustices that have been prevalent in American society – more specifically towards black women in America.

LeBron James took time after his Game 4 victory over the Denver Nuggets to deliver a powerful message towards black women in light of the controversial decision on Breonna Taylor’s.

“There’s so many black women that’s done so many things for me and I’ve seen the sacrifices they’ve made, especially my mom when I was growing up. There was still disrespect along that way and it’s still like that today. In Breonna Taylor’s case, it shows once again. That the walls of a neighbor is more important than her life.” James said (per Ben Golliver of The Washington Post).

LeBron James is aware that only one of the three officers who were involved in the murder of Taylor was indicted by a grand jury on three counts of wanton endangerment in the first degree. The indictment was for the damages towards the house of Taylor’s neighbors during the gruesome shooting of the 26 year-old in her home in Louisville, Kentucky.

LeBron James wants to remind the black women in America that he’s more than just an ally to them.

“It’s important to let black women know that they’re not alone. No matter the disrespect or what they may feel, [just] don’t stop. ‘Cause that’s what exactly they you guys to do. They want you guys to stop,” LeBron James added. “I know for sure I won’t allow that. When they’re feeling down or they feel like there’s no journey for them or no gateway for them to be heard, be seen, be respected or be accepted. My job is to continue to let them know that they are. They’re important to everything that goes on, not only in America, but in the world.”

As the face of the league, LeBron James continues to prove that he’s more than just an athlete and is using his platform to put pressure and add to the social commentary on racial injustice.