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Friend of LeBron James’ son shows unauthorized clip of 4-time MVP’s car collection

LeBron James

Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James has been known to have quite the car collection, but not often has James showed them off. Bronny had his AUU teammate, Mikey Williams over to hang out, and if James gets a hold of the video that Williams took, it might be the last time he is invited over to the mansion.

Williams went live on Instagram showing off James car collection, even sitting behind the wheel and acting like he is driving them.

Bronny didn’t seem to be super happy with the video being recorded and chances are James had a sit down with Bronny and his friend, and is going to have to be more careful about what is allowed to be recorded inside the house. Maybe he should have a lockbox so when Bronny does have friends over they won’t be giving away the King’s secrets.

One YouTube comment summed up what Williams did perfectly:

“Mikey that friend that come over who curious and go around touching shit and Bronny is the child that lives there like “dude you gone get me trouble we ain’t suppose to be in here or messing with stuff.”

Even if the consequences aren’t good for Bronny and his friend it’s pretty cool to see what James has inside the garage.

Right now James isn’t too concerned about the cars as he tries to get the Lakers ready for another season, and the higher expectations that surround a team that has LeBron playing on it.