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Reggie Miller claims he’ll do well in today’s 3-point happy, ‘little defense’ era


NBA icon Reggie Miller claims that he’ll do well in today’s era where players happily jack up 3-pointers and play ‘little defense.’

Per Yahoo Sports NBA, Miller chimed in on today’s game, hinting that he’ll do relatively well considering his deadly stroke from deep and the lack of defense among teams.

Miller, of course, is the second all-time 3-point field goal leader in NBA history. Right behind him is Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors, who many say is the greatest shooter of all time. With a lot left in the tank, analysts and even players themselves are confident that Curry will surpass Miller and Ray Allen to become the all-time leader in 3-pointers.

In addition, people have tagged Curry as the player who single-handedly changed the way the game is played. Thanks to his immaculate touch from deep which powered the Warriors to three titles in five years, NBA teams have seen first hand what the 3-point shot is capable of.

Now, the 3-point shot has been an intrinsic part of most team’s offensive arsenal. Players, too, especially big men, have added the 3-pointer to their toolset.

But Miller’s statement about today’s defense may be up for debate. After all, this era has created players like Kawhi Leonard and Paul George — both of which are considered two-way players or stars who can both light it up on offense and lockdown on defense. The Los Angeles Lakers, too, have climbed up to the top of the standings much thanks to Frank Vogel’s defensive strategies.