NBA news: Reggie Miller blasts 'soft' and 'sensitive' league after Trae Young's ejection
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Reggie Miller blasts ‘soft’ and ‘sensitive’ league after Trae Young’s ejection

Trae Young, Reggie Miller, Hawks

Basketball legend Reggie Miller, who’s known for his 3-point shooting and trash talking ability, blasted the league as ‘soft’ and ‘sensitive’ following the ejection of Atlanta Hawks guard Trae Young.

Miller posted the clip of Young staring at his foe after draining a 3-pointer right in his face. The antic got Young his second technical foul of the evening and was subsequently ejected.

Miller briefly recounted on his days as a player. For those who followed his career, Miller is a fierce competitor. Not only did he drop countless 3-point bombs on his foes, but he also talked a lot of trash.

Reggie Miller’s antics back then were allowed by the referees. After all, it’s part of the game. Basketball is not just a physical sport. For the greats like Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Gary Payton, and others, trash talking forms an intrinsic part of the game’s mental aspect.

When they get out of hand, perhaps that’s the only time the referees should step in. In Trae Young’s case, however, there weren’t any signs of things blowing out of proportion. But they still deemed Young’s actions as worthy of a technical foul.

Miller’s disappointment speaks so much of how the league has changed. Has the league gotten softer and sensitive and thus, less competitive?