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Pacers’ Victor Oladipo speaks out on comparisons of his injury to Grant Hill, Kawhi Leonard’s


As human beings, it’s simply second nature for us to constantly draw comparisons. NBA players are no exception as similar injuries are also compared in which the trajectory for recovery is also relatively expected to be the same. Indiana Pacers reporter, J. Michael recently questioned Victor Oladipo’s return in which he implied that he might have come back too soon.

The reporter also drew comparisons to Grant Hill and Kawhi Leonard who were in the same boat when they were also injured back then and tried to rush their respective returns from injury. Oladipo shrugged this off and answered that he has his recovery in complete control. As of the time of writing, the tweet has gained 3 Retweets/comments and 7 Likes.

This news comes off the fact that Victor Oladipo suffered a ruptured quad tendon in his right knee on Jan. 23, 2019, and returned earlier this year only to play a total of 13 games with an average of 14 points, 3 rebounds, and 3 assists per game. His recent return has brought speculation in which the decision to step on to the hardwood floor again might have been rushed.

Nevertheless, Oladipo will play in the NBA restart. Look to him to produce good numbers to provide a boost to the Indiana Pacers as they make their push to the postseason. In the Pacers’ second scrimmage against the Dallas Mavericks, Oladipo performed exceptionally well with 16 points, 7 rebounds, and 3 assists. He also split double-teams and traps, got into the paint and found shooters spotting up, and was 4/8 from three-point territory,