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Raptors news: Twitter account tweets out 139 angry emojis after LeBron James game-winner


LeBron James did it again on Saturday night to the Toronto Raptors. After having a big lead for most of the game the Toronto Raptors got back into the game and gave their fans some hope that they just might be able to get back into the series.

James then decided he had enough of the games and drove the length of the court and hit another difficult shot to win the game and propel the Cavaliers to 3-1 series lead.

After the game, the Toronto Raptors Twitter account tweeted out their feelings along with the feelings of millions of other Raptors fans, 139 angry emojis.

Those 139 emojisΒ are a perfect analogy for what James has done to the Raptors and their fans because it seems at this point in his career James has owned them at least 139 times.

As big as James was in the game, everyone else on the team has finally started to step up. James finished with 38 points, seven assists, six rebounds, three steals.

Kevin Love finished with 21 points, 16 rebounds, and two assists. He finished a +20, and when James went out towards the end of the third quarter, it was Love who helped grow the lead.

For the Raptors, they haven’t gotten Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozan to both have a good game and that has been a big reason for them falling into a 0-3 hole. DeRozan only finished the game with eight points and was a minus -23 on the game. During the stretch run of the game, DeRozan was actually benched because of how poor his play was.