Scott Brooks responds to Marcin Gortat's comments on Wizards' poor bench
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Scott Brooks responds to Marcin Gortat’s comments on Wizards’ poor bench

The NBA season is long and tumultuous, and it is important to stay together as a team throughout the duration of the year.

However, Washington Wizards’ big man Marcin Gortat recently called out his own team’s bench for being one of the worst in the NBA. Head coach Scott Brooks immediately came out to the clear the air in an interview with the Washington Post:

“I look at things from a whole, because this is how — when I played, I was a backup, and I didn’t like to be divided,” Brooks said. “We don’t have two teams here, we have one basketball team, and right now we’re not happy and content on being 2-7.”

The Wizards have been plagued with injuries to their stars, John Wall and Bradley Beal, and much has been sought from their bench to make up for the scoring load those two normally carry. Playing really thin can be hard for a team like Washington, and Scott Brooks is not as displeased as Gortat and had this to add:

“It puts a lot of pressure on our team to compete against the tough schedule that we’ve had – and I’m not making an excuse and nor have our guys made an excuse – but we’ve stayed competitive,” Brooks said. “I want to get everybody back in the mix so we can really judge how we play and how we can put the units together and we can find out a good rotation.”

Bradley Beal had more encouraging words for his teammates in hopes of inspiring them to play better.

“They have to take advantage of the opportunity,” Beal responded when asked how the second unit could be more active. “You know, I’m not playing right now so this would be a perfect time for the young guys to get in practice, get their rhythm, get their flows and get used to the plays, get used to playing.”

Hopefully this message resounds with the bench and they can get their act together.  If the Wizards have any hopes of making the playoffs they’ll need all members of their team to work in unison.

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