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Pistons STATS

20-52 • 15th in EASTERN CONFERENCE

HEAD COACH: Dwane Casey
VENUE: Little Caesars Arena - 2645 Woodward Avenue, Detroit, MI 48201
CAPACITY: 20,491
Pistons Stats Per Game
S. Bey SF705327.
J. Grant SF545433.97.417.3.4292.16.1.3505.311.2.473.4915.46.4.8450.
J. Jackson SG622525.24.811.4.4191.24.1.3003.57.3.487.4732.63.5.7290.
M. Plumlee C565626.
I. Stewart C681421.
D. Wright SG363129.
W. Ellington SG463122.
S. Doumbouya PF561115.
S. Lee PG48716.
F. Jackson PG40618.
K. Hayes PG261825.
S. Mykhailiuk SF36517.
B. Griffin PF202031.
C. Joseph PG191126.
H. Diallo SF20423.
T. Cook SF28115.
D. Smith PG20919.
J. Okafor C27212.
D. Rose PG15022.85.312.3.4290.92.6.3334.49.7.455.4652.83.3.8400.
R. McGruder SG16212.
D. Sirvydis SG2006.
Team Total7238.785.6.46311.632.9.33427.152.7.508.52617.823.4.7359.633.142.724.
Pistons Stats, Total
S. Bey SF70531909279691.404175460.380104231.450.530124147.8444327531895521460110857
J. Grant SF54541829400932.429115329.350285603.473.491290343.8453521525015235581091251205
J. Jackson SG62251560296707.41977257.300219450.487.473159218.729571972541435347142178828
M. Plumlee C56561499234381.61407.000234374.626.614113169.6691453745192024350105186581
I. Stewart C68141455226409.5532163.333205346.592.5786492.69615929445359398667184537
D. Wright SG36311052136293.4643189.348105204.515.5177190.7893712716418158194845374
W. Ellington SG46311012149338.441116275.4223363.524.6122835.800127385671893359442
S. Doumbouya PF5611869107282.37926115.22681167.485.4264564.70339104143472494494285
S. Lee PG48778199210.471823.34891187.487.4906189.68520779717432135576267
F. Jackson PG406738134293.45761150.40773143.510.5616175.813157186361513453390
K. Hayes PG261867071201.3532072.27851129.395.4031417.8246636913827108357176
S. Mykhailiuk SF36563484223.37757171.3332752.519.5042430.800116374572763933249
B. Griffin PF202062681222.36539124.3154298.429.4534462.710797104771423242245
C. Joseph PG191150289176.5061438.36875138.543.5453641.8781050601052293541228
H. Diallo SF20446581173.4681641.39065132.492.5144568.66222851072410122751223
T. Cook SF28142168100.68012.5006798.684.6851735.48627669315822033154
D. Smith PG20939256135.4151954.3523781.457.4851420.7001241537420142533145
J. Okafor C27234763102.61829.2226193.656.6271724.70823436613652139145
D. Rose PG15034279184.4291339.33366145.455.4654250.84062329631842917213
R. McGruder SG1621943770.5291124.4582646.565.60768.75081422168171291
D. Sirvydis SG2001331440.3501028.357412.333.47536.500029295205941
Team Total7227836162.4638322370.33419513792.508.52612781683.735694238130751743531371102014777676

Top detroit pistons Stats Questions

Who Is The Best Pistons Player?

The best player on the Pistons right now is Jerami Grant.

The 6-foot-8 forward arrived in Detroit during the offseason, with the Pistons splashing the cash on the former Denver Nugget. Detroit was somewhat criticized for agreeing to pay $60 million for the next three years, but right now, Grant is proving that he is worth every single penny of that deal.

The liberty he was handed with the Pistons worked wonders for the 27-year-old, as he proved he is fully capable of being one of the top two-way players in the NBA. Grant is considered by many as one of the biggest snubs of the All-Star Game, and he is currently one of the frontrunners for the season's Most Improved Player of the Year award.

Needless to say, how the Pistons fare in the NBA over the course of the next couple of years will rely heavily on Grant's ability to sustain his elite level of play.